Re-Animator - Capelight 3 disc digibook

Production Year: 1985
Release Date: 09/27/2013
Studio: Capelight
Collection Number: 1452

1985 was such a seminal year for Horror flicks, in fact I think if I were to breakdown and list 20 of my all time favorite films a pretty big chuck would be from that particular year.  Which brings us to Stuart Gordon's Re-Animator, not just one of the finest HP Lovecraft adaptions, but one of the greatest and strangest horror films to come out of the 80's.  While the film has maintained it's strong following throughout the years in my opinion it's still a movie that's very under-appreciated.

Dan Cain (Bruce Abbott) is a flourishing medical student who takes in one Herbert West (Jeffery Combs), a mysterious transfer student with a pretty big secret.  West has created a serum that can bring recently deceased subjects back to life.  Mix in the controlling Dr. Hill (David Gale) and Dan's apprehensive girlfriend (Barbara Crampton), and you've got some pretty volatile ingredients.

There's not a lot of films out there that try to mix dark humor with horror, but not many can do so as fluidly as Re-Animator.  It's clear that director Stuart Gordon knew exactly what he was doing, surprising considering that this was his first theatrical film.  Re-Animator is not to be missed.

So let's get to the real reason why you're reading this.  You, like many, were unhappy with the way Image handled the blu-ray release of this particular film.  Well rejoice, Capelight did an excellent job with the title giving Re-Animator the treatment it truly deserves.  Everything has been improved upon from the transfer to the packaging.

Yeah...It's beautiful.  Had I saw the above spread back in September it wouldn't have taken me over two months to purchase this release.

Capelight's 4K transfer is literally night and day when compared to Image Entertainments.'  Would the words "vastly superior" sum it up?  Yeah, I think so.  If you were to get 'nit picky' you could point out a few of the age related scratches that occasionally appear on screen.  With that aside, I'm very confident in proclaiming that this is probably the nicest Re-Animator has ever and will ever look.

The sound is on par with the visuals, with a 7.1 German and a 5.1 English track.  There's also an uncompressed 2.0 track for those kickin' it old school.

This set features three version of Re-Animator, an unrated cut (86 minutes) that I'm sure a number of us are very familiar with, along with an "integral" version (104 minutes) that takes some of the extended scenes of the TV cut and places them into the unrated version, and lastly a standard definition TV cut (93:04).

Thankfully most of the extras from past releases have been ported over.
Audio Commentary - Director Stuart Gordon

Audio Commentary - Brian Yunza, Bruce Abbott, Jeffrey Combs, Barbara Crampton, and Robert Sampson.

Re-Animator Resurrectus (105:49 SD) - This was an hour long documentary originally produced by Anchor Bay for their 2007 release.

Interview with Stuart Gordon and Brian Yunza (46:47 SD) - The two long-time friends have a discussion about creating Re-Animator.

Interview with Dennis Paoli (10:14 SD) - Dennis Paoli (writer) on writing the original Re-Animator script.

Interview with Richard Band (14:06 SD) - Richard Band recants on Fangoria's coverage of the 1985 classic.

Interview with Tony Timpone (04:22 SD) - The former editor of Fangoria recants about the magazines coverage of the film.

Music discussion with Richard Band (15:47 SD) - Richard Band breaks down Re-Animator's score scene by scene.

Extended and deleted scenes (HD)

Trailer (HD)

TV Spots (SD)

Three Multi-Angle Storyboards (SD)

From this point forward I want Capelight to handle all of my favorite films.  Re-Animator has truly never looked better.  While the inclusion of a few new featurettes would have been appreciated, with everything else they've included it's not really necessary.  This is the last version of Re-Animator you will ever need to own.  Did I mention the company plans on giving Bride of Re-Animator the same treatment early next year!?