Toyland Toys (Child's Play)

It was a cold night 25 years ago when criminal Charles Lee Ray transferred his soul into the body of a Good Guy doll to evade a certain death, thus kicking starting a horror film franchise and saving the spirit of Christmas...Alright, that last part was bullshit.  

Toyland Toys is mostly full of generic toys and Good Guy dolls, but it's still one of those toy stores you'd have begged your parents to take you to had it actually existed.  I mean, the store has a castle inside of it.  A fucking castle.

The only thing my local KB Toys had inside the store were picked over action figures no one wanted along with the occasional "questionable" old timer.

What in the hell is "Power Play Hockey!?"  Did the set decorator score that in Tijuana or something?

I've always liked how the recently shot Charles Lee Ray stumbles past a Good Guys gun.  Clever product placement?  I think so.

Finally we've got some true nostalgia.  The Ghostbusters...There's not a whole lot of package designs out there that can fill me with so many wonderful memories.   I wonder what we're going to see next, Masters of the Universe?  Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?  THE SUPER NATURALS!?!

Darn...The store just blew up, I guess we'll never know.  Moral of the story?  Never follow Grima Wormtongue into a toy store.

Happy Holidays!