Django collection - Limited Edition Coffin set

Production Years: Django - 1966; Texas, Adios - 1966; Django Strikes Again - 1987
Release Date: 10/28/2003
Studio: Studio Canal
Collection Number: 1472

Saying I love 1966's Spaghetti Western classic Django is a pretty big understatement.  While it has remained one of my favorite films for years now I surprisingly have only owned two copies of the movie, Blue Underground's US blu-ray release and Argent Films' UK DVD.  Thankfully all that changed on Christmas and I am now the proud owner of one of the best Django releases out there.

If I were to make a list of the best Christmas gifts I've ever received I think this would fall somewhere between the Tigerzord and the Ghostbusters' Firehouse.  It's that epic.

It hits two high points with me, the first and most obvious being my awkward obsession with the 1966 film, the next being my love for gimmick-laden packaging, especially when said gimmick-laden packaging is in the shape of a coffin.

While this set boasts a "Django trilogy" the only two official Django films are the 1966 flick along with it's 1987 sequel Django Strikes Again.  The odd man out is a re-titled Texas, Adios, which while staring Franco Nero has nothing to do with the Django character.

The set was released in October of 2003 by Studio Canal and is limited to 10,000 units.

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