I Cannibali

Production Year: 1970
Release Date: 01/14/2014
Studio: Raro
Collection Number: #1577

In a city ruled by an overbearing Government children are unmercifully murdered and their bodies left to decay in the streets.  The corpses cannot be given a proper burial and anyone who violates this law will be sent straight to prison.  One day a mysterious man named Tiresias (Pierre Clémenti) appears and sets out to defy this bogus law.  With the help of a young woman named Antigone (Britt Ekland) the pair make their way across the city and snatch up the corpse Antigone's younger brother.

Their rebellious act does not go unnoticed, soon they have a brief run in with the law and eventually the two are roughed up and imprisoned for their crimes.

I Cannibali is film that stemmed from a time of political unrest and it wears that inspiration on it's sleeve.  Director/Writer Liliana Cavani's opinion of an overbearing Government pours through the screen thanks to her blunt social commentary.  The flick sports a number of strong performances from Clémenti, Ekland, and Tomas Milian who has a nice supporting role as Emone.  The legendary Ennio Morricone handled the film's score and graced us with an extremely catchy theme song titled Cannibal.

Overall I found the film to be a conscious look at violent and unforgiving political system.  Unfortunately, I fear a more modern audience might pass this by, considering it pompous or boring.  It's a pity.  I would give this film my fullest recommendation to fans of political films and/or Italian cinema.

I Cannibali sports a new high definition transfer from the fine folks over at Raro.  While the print does look a bit soft in certain spots there's a decent amount of detail present along with a nice grain.  The colors have a very natural look to them and there are no signs of digital tampering.  In the audio department we're treated to a nice lossless 2.0 HD Italian track which also fares pretty well.  Overall I've got no real complaints, given the age and history of the film I was pretty impressed by how nice it looked and sounded.

An Interview with Liliana Cavani [SD 26:18] - An interview with director Liliana Cavani (The Night Porter) where she discusses I Cannibali.  The basic making of the film is discussed along with it's relevance in today's society.

Trailer [HD 03:24]

Per usual Raro impresses me with a dynamic looking slipcover hiding some very colorful artwork.  Also included is a 12 page booklet.  

Given the tone and pace I'm afraid this film is not for everyone.  I think fans of political and Italian cinema will find a great deal of enjoyment with this one.  It's a great addition to Raro's already eclectic catalog of excellent films.