McFarlane Toys - TWD series five - Glenn Rhee

With the fifth series of figures based on AMC's hit TV show Mcfarlane Toys continues their trend of delivering highly detailed, articulated five inch action figures sure to appease even the most ravenous of fans.  Once again Walgreens seems to be getting the series first, though it looks like their initial wave only includes the Glenn figure.  Very strange.

I've been really impressed with Mcfarlane's output as of late and the company's third series was one of my favorite toy lines of 2013.  This latest series is more of the same with improved paint, multiple points of articulation, and extremely detailed sculpts.

Glenn's likeness is dead on and my only real nitpick is that he looks a little too stoic.   Other than that, I think fans of the show are going to be pretty impressed.  The figure has 14 points of articulation which seems to be the norm for the more recent figures.

I'm happy to announce there's little to no paint slop on the figure and the accessories.  A nice grimy wash has been done on Glenn's clothing to give them that "worn out" look.  Overall I'm pretty happy with the zombie killer and can't wait to see the rest of the series in person.

Glenn is certainly ready for the apocalypse, including more weapons to flesh out your 'Waking Dead armory.  The figure includes a knife, handgun, semi-automatic rifle, metal pipe, and bullet proof vest.  Also included is bruised 'n' bloodied head depicting his look towards the end of Season Three. 

While Glenn wasn't my most anticipated figure of the fifth series, I just couldn't say no when I saw him at the local pharmacy.  I'm really impressed with the Mcfarlane team's attention to detail along with the amount of accessories they have included.  The likeness is most-definitely there, the paint apps are top notch, this is certainly a must have figure for any fan of the show.

You can actually pre-order the entire set here.


  1. Looks sweet! I'll need to keep an eye out here in Canada for them. I'm really loving what McFarlane has done to correct this line and make it much better.

    Thanks for the review.

    1. Thanks for checking out the review. Yeah, I was pretty shocked when I initially saw the third series, they really made a big change in quality. You've gotta love a company that actually listens to the consumer.