VHS Vault - The Terminator Collection / T2 special edition

Last night I sat down with a big stack of screeners that really needed to get watched.  What did I do?  I popped in Terminator 2.  While I think the first film is superior in many ways, I hold a special spot for the sequel as it was an integral part of my childhood.  Many days were spent watching that film on loop hoping that my Great Grandmother's hearing was just bad enough so that she wouldn't put up a fuss.  Midway through the film I was reminded that I had actually purchased two pretty significant VHS boxsets that I had meant to do an overview on earlier last year.  I guess it's better late than never, right?

Both of these sets were purchased at Half Price Books for under $5 bucks.  While I love finding a deal, I cringe when I think about how much they originally cost versus how much the establishment dished out for them.  I once traded in 14 books and received a measly $4 dollars.

We'll take a look at the smallest set first.  This one is nothing too special, a two tape set featuring the film and a short making of supplement.  This version of T2 actually has additional footage added to it which I'm sure most of you are familiar with thanks to the ridiculous number of T2 home video releases.

Here's a shot of the back.  As I said earlier, nothing too special.  Just two tapes in a nice deluxe-sized box.  The next set is certainly a step up.

The condition of the set was surprisingly good, it was clear that it was previously collector owned.  The holographic sticker on the front is a neat feature, but sadly it's not very photogenic.  

The T2 tape features the normal theatrical cut, in addition the set features both the original film along with a bonus tape containing a making of featurette and a few trailers.

Along with the tapes you get a small piece of paper with a run down of the bonus tape's features and a nice thick book.

The pages are printed on a thick matte paper stock while the photographs all feature a gloss finish, making the pictures really pop out.  

Lastly, we've got the back slip with a breakdown of what's included.  This wasn't the first or last of this type of collectors edition, numerous classic films from The Exorcist to Gone with the Wind received a similar treatment.  Anyone know how much these generally went for in the 90's?  If anyone has that information please leave a comment!  

Well, I've got some screeners to get caught up on, I hope everyone had a great weekend!