Black Water Vampire

Production Year: 2013
Release Date: 03/24/2014
Studio: Image Entertainment

A group of twenty somethings head out into the woods to make a documentary that will shed some light on a very strange string of murders that helped spawn a backwoods-vampire legend.  Not only does the vamp have a nice back story involving rat teeth and neck gouging, he's also got a pretty nifty kid's jingle.

Yes, another found footage film.  While an unending amount of these seem to pour out of the studios I can honestly say I've yet to truly tire of them.  Maybe I'm a sadist, who knows.  I also still love zombie movies so I guess one might say I'm unphased by oversaturation.  While watching Black Water Vampire this very strange feeling set in, Déjà vu if you will.  It was almost like I'd been here before.  Hmm....Let's see if we can piece this puzzle together.  A group filming a documentary on strange murders.  An urban legend in a small backwood-ish type town.  Interviews with the local yokels.  An unseen force stalking the group at night with strange noises and odd disturbances.  I figured it out!  I saw this when it was titled The Blair Witch Project.

Some unexpected horror references in Michelangelo's room (TMNT)!

I have to thank the guys over at for bringing this to my attention, last year Nickelodeon was kind enough to give the kiddos a mutant-monster-filled 'Turtles episode right in time for Halloween.  While some of the subtle references might have been over a child's head, for a man-child like myself they were pretty easy to spot.

Let's start with the most obvious one, the episode is about Squirrelanoids which are essentially furry PG versions of Giger's xenomorph creation.  These rodents gestate inside a host, increase in size rather quickly, and even have a fearsome inner jaw.

Reel Zombies

Production Year: 2008
Release Date: 02/11/2014
Studio: Synapse Films
Collection Number: 1647

The crew that brought forth the Zombie Night films are are turning a two movie franchise into a trilogy with Reel Zombies, a self-aware "documentary" on the making of the third film (think Trailer Park Boys meets a really bad no-budget zombie film.)  While the film was created in 2008, I feel the six year long delay was for the best with The Walking Dead TV series popularizing the world of zombies, opening up the sub-genre like a pair of well position legs.  DTV zombie films are more abundant now than ever before, what a perfect time to have a film parodying the production of one.

The best action figures that were never released.

With all of the Toy Fair excitement going on I figured it's time to take a look at some great toys that (sadly) never made it past the prototype phase.  These are all figures that had been tooled, (in some cases) painted, and shown to an eager audience, but for whatever reason didn't make it to retailer's shelves.

We'll start with Mezco

Toy Fair 2014 coverage!

This post will be updated throughout the next few days as new pictures and announcements are revealed!

Toy Fair 2014 has officially kicked off and I like (like most of the nerds out there) sat in front of my computer for a small portion of Sunday afternoon rabidly refreshing my browser in hopes of seeing what my favorite companies have in store for the year of 2014.  A big thanks to websites like and for the awesome coverage!

I know some of you aren't too interested in any the Marvel, DC, and Lego stuff you have to sort through during this time of the year, so below you'll find pictures along with links to specific horror related coverage.  All credit for the pictures goes to the respective owners.


Trans-Europ-Express & Successive Slidings of Pleasure

Production Year: 1966
Release Date: 2/11/14
Studio: Kino

Kino-Redemption has a pretty good track record when it comes to the sleaze and with their February releases they show no signs of changing course.  Before we get into the thick of things I do want to address that unfortunately these reviews will not feature any screen caps due to some technicallissues on my end.  Last Fall I began capturing image directly from the disc giving an accurate representation of the transfer's quality, prior to that I used a digital camera which gave what I feel to be inaccurate results.  Not wanting to revert back to that poor quality I've chosen to just do this review sans captures.  As you will read later, I can attest to the qualty of these releases.  Anyhow, onto the films!

Neca - Five random pictures featuring the Spider Gremlin

This weekend I had the pleasure of receiving Neca's awesome Spider Gremlin and figured I'd capture a few pictures of the devastation that soon followed.

Toy Fair 2014 - Mezco previews upcoming horror merch!

I'm sure a lot of us have pretty fond memories of Mezco's fantastic Cinema of Fear, and while that series is no more Mezco still caters to genre fans year after year.  2014 will be no exception with the reveal of new Child's Play items, more Living Dead Dolls, and some other cool surprises.

Cut-Throats Nine

Head on over to Theater of Guts to check out my review for the great Euro-Western Cut-Throats Nine!

I've been a fan of that site for a while and I can vouch for the guys over there, they have some awesome content.  Click here to see the review

Second Sight - Basket Case Trilogy Steelbook

Production Years: 1982, 1990, 1991
Release Date: 10/22/2012
Studio: Second Sight
Collection Number: 1173

The company Second Sight is no stranger to steelbooks, their Return of the Living Dead release in particular made a lot of people's "top lists" back in 2012.  Following the success of that release to company announced plans to give Frank Henenlotter's Basket Case trilogy a very similar treatment.