Black Water Vampire

Production Year: 2013
Release Date: 03/24/2014
Studio: Image Entertainment

A group of twenty somethings head out into the woods to make a documentary that will shed some light on a very strange string of murders that helped spawn a backwoods-vampire legend.  Not only does the vamp have a nice back story involving rat teeth and neck gouging, he's also got a pretty nifty kid's jingle.

Yes, another found footage film.  While an unending amount of these seem to pour out of the studios I can honestly say I've yet to truly tire of them.  Maybe I'm a sadist, who knows.  I also still love zombie movies so I guess one might say I'm unphased by oversaturation.  While watching Black Water Vampire this very strange feeling set in, Déjà vu if you will.  It was almost like I'd been here before.  Hmm....Let's see if we can piece this puzzle together.  A group filming a documentary on strange murders.  An urban legend in a small backwood-ish type town.  Interviews with the local yokels.  An unseen force stalking the group at night with strange noises and odd disturbances.  I figured it out!  I saw this when it was titled The Blair Witch Project.

There are a few found footage films that really set the bar for the sub-genre, given these milestones it's hard not to occasionally draw influences from them.  Unfortunately we're not talking about a wink here and a nod there, this film feels almost like a remake of the 1999 movie with a vampire replacing the witch.  Some scenarios are pulled directly from the hit movie, for instance the group relentlessly arguing over both the map and if they're walking in circles.  Lord.

I will say the one thing this has over The Blair Witch Project is the creature itself.  This time around the monster is not constantly out of the frame.  It's a good thing too, that hillbilly Nosferatu is what kept me watching 'til the end, especially with the first glimpse (I did my best to ignore the quick shot of CGI).

I hate being overly negative, I figure the internet is way to cynical anyhow, so I will give credit where credit is due.  The legend surrounding the creature was good, as were the actual creature SFX.  The monster looked like a mix of Max Schreck and one of the cave dwellers from the Descent.  The cast (for the most part) were good though there was some overacting.  I also thought the townies were pretty genuine and believable.  Taking all of that into account I would say this is worth a watch for found footage fans, but caveat emptor; this has been done before, and it's been done better.


  1. I still like found footage myself!