McFarlane Toys - The Walking Dead series 5 - Tyreese and Charred Walker

Just in time for the mid-season debut Mcfarlane Toy's fifth series of figures base off of AMC's record shattering TV series are finally hitting stores.  The line consists of Glenn, Tyreese, Maggie, Charred Walker, and Zombie Merle.  While the sculpts are right on target there are a few unfortunate flaws with this line.

Series Five is another solid line from McFarlane Toys.  Each figure looks extremely accurate to the show and considering their size they each feature a pretty insane amount of detail.  With Tyreese the company did a great job capturing actor Chad Coleman's likeness.  Tyreese has 14 points of articulation which is great for getting a handful of poses, I will say his leg articulation is a bit clunky due to the joints at the hips.

The paint is also superb with a nice grimy wash staining the shirt with dirt and sweat.  I really think this is one of the best looking figures we've seen thus far!

With each line the walkers tend to be my favorites, unfortunately this time around things are a bit different.  The biggest flaw with the Charred Walker is the articulation, the figure only features six points and only two of them are really useful.  The zombie is stuck in a static pose and cannot stand on it's own, even with the help of the base you'll have to use a bit of glue to keep it from leaning.  A real pity considering how great the series four walkers were.  I will say the sculpt and paint are spot on, this emaciated zombie looks like it walked right out of the AMC show.  The figure was cast in a clear orange plastic and when light hits it the zombie really lights up.

Tyreese is the clear winner in the accessories department, the figure includes a rifle, handgun, and hammer.  It would have been nice if McFarlane could have thrown in a few alternate hands so the character could properly hold the guns.  The Charred Walker includes a gas canister and stand which I believe is more accessories than most of the past zombies have included.  Certainly a nice touch.

While each of these 'Walking Dead lines tend to be better than the last I can't help but feel McFarlane took a few paces back with the Zombie figure, the static pose and bad articulation remind me of some of the figures from the second series.  With the sculpt and paint however, McFarlane Toys continues to excel with this particular line.  Fans will be all over the fifth series with Glenn, Maggie, and Tyreese making their plastic debut.  I'm looking forward to seeing what series six will bring.  Speaking of future series have you guys seen the punk zombie from the upcoming comic line?  "It will be mine, oh yes, it will be mine."


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