Reel Zombies

Production Year: 2008
Release Date: 02/11/2014
Studio: Synapse Films
Collection Number: 1647

The crew that brought forth the Zombie Night films are are turning a two movie franchise into a trilogy with Reel Zombies, a self-aware "documentary" on the making of the third film (think Trailer Park Boys meets a really bad no-budget zombie film.)  While the film was created in 2008, I feel the six year long delay was for the best with The Walking Dead TV series popularizing the world of zombies, opening up the sub-genre like a pair of well position legs.  DTV zombie films are more abundant now than ever before, what a perfect time to have a film parodying the production of one.

The film production takes place during a real zombie apocalypse, with actual zombies plentiful what better time to shoot a zombie flick, right?  The crew of the past two films decide to film a third using the current reign of the undead to their advantage.  Lucky for us viewers one of the crew members decide to document the whole debacle

From there the film goes into the ridiculous issues that flood low budget film productions.  The zombies are looked at as mere set pieces and take a backseat egos and bad ideas.  Cast members are constantly getting bit, turning, and getting used again in a future scene.  While some of the jokes are bad, and some of the "acting" worse, I guess that's the shtick- the driving point of the movie.  It manages to make fun of the past films, the current film "being filmed," and even takes a few stabs at the genre as a whole in a mere 90 minutes.  I found it to be a fairly enjoyable look at the creation of a fake film and it is surprisingly refreshing for another DTV zombie flick.

Audio Commentary - Directors Mike Masters and David J Francis along with Producer Stephen Papadimitriou discuss the making of the film, the cast members, along with a few anecdotes about the production.
Deleted Scenes and Outtakes (42:20) - A collection of deleted scenes separated by chapters (I counted around 47 chapter stops) there's also a special message from Lloyd Kaufman tacked onto the end of this feature.

Original Trailer (2:34)

While this film does tote the "special edition" banner on the cover, there's not a whole lot of special features to be found, unfortunately.

Fans of Zombie Night (2003) and The Awakening (2006) will definitely want to catch the third film.  While the first two films have their...Ahem..."Charm," I feel this film is actually superior and works not only as a sequel, but also as a stand alone film parodying low budget horror (namely zombie) productions.  I'm glad Synapse has given the US audience the opportunity to finally see this film.


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