Some unexpected horror references in Michelangelo's room (TMNT)!

I have to thank the guys over at for bringing this to my attention, last year Nickelodeon was kind enough to give the kiddos a mutant-monster-filled 'Turtles episode right in time for Halloween.  While some of the subtle references might have been over a child's head, for a man-child like myself they were pretty easy to spot.

Let's start with the most obvious one, the episode is about Squirrelanoids which are essentially furry PG versions of Giger's xenomorph creation.  These rodents gestate inside a host, increase in size rather quickly, and even have a fearsome inner jaw.

As a fan of the alien series this was easily enough to hook me in...But then we get to see Michelangelo's room.

His room is wallpapered with cartoon parodies of cult classics.  CHUD is referred to as KRUD, The Incredible Melting Man is now known as The Incredible Muck Man (also a play on the old TMNT character of the same name), and so on...

But what surprised me the most?

The frickin' Fulci reference.  Suburbs of the Undead is clearly inspired by the Gates of Hell's UK Quad artwork.  No joke.  I really need to start tuning into this show more often.

After the abomination known as The Next Mutation I'd kind of written the turtles off, but after viewing the newest incarnation I'm actually pretty impressed.  Maybe I'll be able to give the show a little more attention once my obsession with True Detective dies down.  Anyhow, this is just something I figured you readers would enjoy.  Credit again goes to the great people over at