Toy Fair 2014 coverage!

This post will be updated throughout the next few days as new pictures and announcements are revealed!

Toy Fair 2014 has officially kicked off and I like (like most of the nerds out there) sat in front of my computer for a small portion of Sunday afternoon rabidly refreshing my browser in hopes of seeing what my favorite companies have in store for the year of 2014.  A big thanks to websites like and for the awesome coverage!

I know some of you aren't too interested in any the Marvel, DC, and Lego stuff you have to sort through during this time of the year, so below you'll find pictures along with links to specific horror related coverage.  All credit for the pictures goes to the respective owners.


NECA continues to churn out more Predators and Aliens this year putting the horror franchises on hold with the exception of their retro line.  With the Aliens series fans will finally get some of the Nostromo crew, with Kane and Dallas figures on display.  Also shown was a deluxe Power Loader, Bishop, and the dog Alien.  Unfortunately the Alien Queen was not finished in time and will likely be revealed at SDCC.  NECA also mentioned they had a pretty big surprise lined up but could not get the clearance to announce it.  Ripley possibly!?  For more pictures of the Aliens line click here.

Onto the Predator line, NECA continues the series with more updated Kenner designs along with a few from the Predator comic Bad Blood.  On display were Predators inspired by Kenner's Scavage and Cracked Tusk Predators, along with a reworked Blade Fighter vehicle.  For more pictures click here.

It seems the retro line was a nice success for NECA, with the next few waves of this line fans will be treated to a few different incarnations of Ash and Jason (we're finally getting Roy Burns!), as well as Iron Maiden's Eddie.  Click here for more details!

McFarlane Toys

While I was certainly excited for more zombie toy reveals I was really hoping to get some piece of news about what to expect for the Season Four blu-ray box set.  Sure enough, McFarlane delivered, above is the limited case for next season release of TWD.

Series three of the comic line is sure to make a lot of fans happy with Andrea, a handless Rick, and the punk zombie making their debut.

On the television side of things McFarlane only had one series six prototype on hand, but they did reveal a very cool ten inch Rick along with a re-release of the series two Shane which will likely follow last year's Rick as a Walgreens and Hastings exclusive.   

For those who'd like to see more pictures, click here

Diamond Select Toys
Sadly 2014 looks to be the last year DST will be producing Universal Monsters items.  Their display was a bit meager with just the three we've seen at previous conventions, a retooled Creature, The Monster from The Son of Frankenstein, and original concept Van Helsing.  No new banks were on display, but there's always SDCC.  To see more pictures click here.

While not horror it was so cool I had to include it, DST's Jay and Silent Bob figures will be released this fall.  I love the bases!  Click here for more images.

*DST also had figures from Pulp Fiction and Kill Bill on display, pictures were not aloud but apparently the sculpts were spot on!*


Some would likely argue that Funko is the clear winner this year with prototypes from dozens of licenses shown.  With the retro ReAction line we're getting figures from Pulp Fiction, the Universal Monsters universe, Back to the Future, ANOES, Halloween, and many, many more.

Their line of Pop vinyl will follow suit with even more licenses like Ghostbusters and Army of Darkness!

Sadly it looks like we'll have to wait a little longer to see if we'll get a second series of the Horror Classic Mystery Minis, but they did show some prototypes from their planned Sci-Fi classics line.

Amok Time
Info coming soon!


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