NECA - Pacific Rim series 3 - Knifehead and Trespasser

Pacific Rim was pretty much a two hour orgasm for fans of mega-monster flicks.  Huge glowing creatures emerging from the depths and battling it out with gigantic robots; what's not to like, right?  I told myself I was going to hold off on the action figures as they're unfortunately more than I like to spend on a single toy.  But I guess this review will prove just how weak-willed and whorish I am when it comes to monster action figures.

Another Fright-Rags haul!

A few weeks back Fright-Rags had a pretty amazing sale, if you haven't yet be sure to sign up for their mailing list as they have some great sales throughout the year.  Anyhow, here's a video of my FR haul!

The Walking Dead resurrects Bub!

The Walking Dead is certainly no stranger to cameos and tonight's episode revealed one of the best yet!

The return of Bub!

Tom Holland's Twisted Tales

Production Year: 2013
Release Date: 03/18/2014
Studio: Image Entertainment

Tom Holland is responsible for one of the best vampire flicks of the 80's.  Fright Night would easily make my top ten vampire flicks of all time and while not quite as favored by yours truly, something must also be said for Child's Play and it's success.  Tom Holland is horror royalty and sadly Twisted Tales is his latest release.

During 2013 and in conjunction with FEARNET the director helmed 9 horror shorts that would eventually air on the horror themed network.  Thanks to Image Entertainment these 9 films are now available on DVD for the first time.  Presented as an "anthology" this time around, if you pop this release in be sure to have your remote within an arm's reach as you might have a bit of trouble getting through all of them.  While there are a few winners in the pack, the quality really varies with a majority of them being on the not-so-good side.

Here Comes the Devil

Production Year: 2012
Release Date: 03/18/14
Studio: Magnet
Collection Number: #1666

Within the first five minutes Adrian Garcia Bogliano's Here Comes the Devil sets an incredibly savage and sleazy tone that carries on throughout the rest of the film.  During a family outing two siblings vanish near a very strange rock formation.  Thankfully for the parents (Felix; Francisco Barriero and Sol; Laura Caro) the brother and sister turn up the next morning.  Throughout the next few weeks it's very clear something is different about the siblings.  While life seems to continue on like normal, it's the mother Sol that begins to suspect foul play.

The Flesh and Blood Show

Production Year: 1972
Release Date: 03/18/2014
Studio: Kino
Collection Number: #1663

While not nearly as memorable as Frightmare, The Flesh and Blood Show is a fine example of exploitative British Horror.  In the film a group of unemployed actors are hired and eventually relocated to an abandoned theatre to rehearse an upcoming play.  The group decide to stick it out in the eerie abandoned theatre as it's cheaper than lodging at the nearby hotel.  Obviously a big mistake, eventually the cast is picked off one by one thanks a gloved madman.

Bride of Re-Animator (Mediabook)

Production Year: 1989
Release Date: 02/28/2014
Studio: Capelight
Collection Number: 1664

After the great success that was Re-Animator a sequel was a given.  This time around producer Brian Yunza would replace Stuart Gordon (Gordon was involved with another project during that period) in the director's chair.  While Gordon's style would certainly be missed, Bruce Abbott, David Gale, and Jeffrey Combs returned to reprise their past roles.  While Abbott and Gale are both wonderfully cast, it's Jeffrey Combs that truly carries the film, it was the role he was born to play.

Sideshow Toys - Frankenstein Pozer

In the late 90's Sideshow Toys went crazy with the Universal Monsters license.  They released everything from action figures to Halloween pails and shotglasses to bobbleheads.  One of the coolest releases though was their Frankenstein Pozer.


Production Year: 1974
Release Date: 03/18/2014
Studio: Kino
Collection Number: #1662

Frightmare is a film about good 'ol wholesome family values, after finally being release from a mental institution Edmund and Dorothy Yates attempt to live a normal life.  The only real issue is Dorothy and her habitual need to murder.  The film's also about the bond between two sisters; One that's well aware of her mum's macabre exploits and the other that's kept in the dark.  The younger sister (Jackie; Deborah Fairfax) is a troublesome teen who unfortunately might share more traits with her crazed mother than her responsible older sister.

ZEDS - Zombie collectibles

Horror nerds and collectibles go hand in hand, there's no denying that.  If you're reading this and you haven't cracked into a Funko blind box or purchased any of the cool swag Diamond Select Toys has thrown at us you're really missing out.  Recently an extremely cool kickstarter was brought to my attention, a project that could possibly bring forth even more creepy items to clutter my shelves with.  

The company is called ZEDS and this is the first collectible they hope to unleash.

Mezco - Even more Monster Mez-itz!

If you're a fan of monster collectibles than you're more than likely also a fan of Mezco toyz.  One line of their's that met with an untimely demise was the Monster Mez-itz series.  Spanning just two waves, the line wasn't successful enough to continue which is a real pity.  Recently I was lucky enough to win a complete series on ebay for next to nothing, I've covered two of the sets before and I figured it was high time to review the rest of the line.

Massacre Video - The Undertaker & His Pals VHS overview

Massacre Video is easily one of my favorite current independent labels.  Releasing a mix of shockumentaries and SOV trash, they're also the only US company out there putting out legitimate hardboxes.  While I've covered their past hardbox releases on both my youtube channel and this website, I've never really gave too much attention to their VHS output.  

Limited to 50 tapes, The Undertaker and His Pals was only available at Cinema Wasteland, it's one release I've been after for a while and as of last Tuesday it's finally mine.

Ten of my favorite Spawn toys of the 90's

Nostalgia time!

Growing up I'd always had a definite love of monsters and the macabre, likely a direct cause of early viewings of Night of the Living Dead.  Around '95 or so I discovered Spawn thanks to a friend who had received Spawn Alley that past Christmas.  It was the coolest playset I'd seen and I knew I had to have one, it was pretty much a match made in hell.  Now that I had the toys the next natural progression was to read the comic.  I'd always dug comics but this was different.  The artwork, the storyline; everything felt so adult, as if I should not be reading it.  I was hooked.

Much like the comic, the toys were nothing like the hunks of plastic I was used to.  McFarlane Toys took what was essentially a children's market and turned it into one that was geared towards collectors.  The sculpts were loaded with demonic detail, it was everything I could have ever wanted from a toy line.

Onto the list!

Malebolgia was pretty much the demonic kingpin of the comic, he was also the single-most difficult to find action figure ever (for me anyhow!)  If you did luck out and find the guy he was always over priced.  Sadly this is the only figure in the line up I didn't own in my adolescence.

Underground Monster Carnival 2014

Yesterday was the third annual Underground Monster Carnival, Oklahoma's only ongoing horror/B/sci-fi convention.  While it's a bit small in comparison to something like Texas Frightmare Weekend, I can honestly say that it's worth the trek if you're in the area.  Looking back to my experience last year, it also seems to get better with each year.  Below you'll find a bunch of pictures I took at the event, a handful of links, and the obligatory haul photos.