Bride of Re-Animator (Mediabook)

Production Year: 1989
Release Date: 02/28/2014
Studio: Capelight
Collection Number: 1664

After the great success that was Re-Animator a sequel was a given.  This time around producer Brian Yunza would replace Stuart Gordon (Gordon was involved with another project during that period) in the director's chair.  While Gordon's style would certainly be missed, Bruce Abbott, David Gale, and Jeffrey Combs returned to reprise their past roles.  While Abbott and Gale are both wonderfully cast, it's Jeffrey Combs that truly carries the film, it was the role he was born to play.

After the destructive events of the first film West and Cain return to Miskatonic University and eventually slip back into their old habits.  During an experiment West discovers he can Re-Animate "parts" and the duo set out to create a pieced together bride using Meg Halsey's heart.  The Macabre plan does not go unnoticed, a local detective is still looking into West after the "Miskatonic Massacre."  When you mix in the returning Dr. Hill you've got all of the ingredients for a very enjoyable film.

While not as tightly written and directed as the original film, Bride of Re-Animator is a very notable horror sequel.  Inspired by Lovecraft's macabre take on the Frankenstein mythos, Yunza with the help of KNB FX have created a very spastic splatter film full of the dark humor that made the original Re-Animator so great.

I've given Combs a lot of credit for his acting as the mad scientist, but something certainly must be said about David Gales role.  Dr. Hill is a formidable villain, an unrelenting antagonist that is just as insane as West.  It's a pity that Gale passed away a few years after the production of this film.  I'm sure he would be pretty tickled about the cult status these two films have obtained.

Capelight has given Bride of Re-Animator a serious make-over, the film has truly never looked better.  Much like their release of the original film, there is not a trace of DNR or any type of image sharpening element.  There's a definite level of grain throughout with a nice amount of detail available.  When the unrated scenes pop up you will likely notice a difference in the quality, but that's entirely due to the prints they had to use for those particular scenes.  If the slight jump in quality is bothersome then you'll want to stick to the rated disc they've made available in the set.

A lossless 5.1 audio track is available...Unfortunately it's entirely in German.  For us English speakin' folks we've got a nice lossless 2.1 dts track.  While an English 5.1 option would have been appreciated, I've got no real complaints about the 2.1 audio.

A few months back I did a few posts about Capelight's Re-Animator digibook.  Not only did it have amazing packaging, but it also had a transfer that put past releases to shame.  This is (thankfully) more of the same.  The company has given Bride of Re-Animator the royal treatment with a brand new transfer and a pretty nifty digibook packaging.

If you've yet to order this I highly recommend it.  The first one sold out pretty quick and this release is also just as limited.

Audio Commentary with Bruce Abbott and Jeffrey Combs

Audio Commentary with Jeffrey Combs, Brian Yuzna, and K.N.B. FX

Ahead in Horror (SD 22:49) - This is a behind the scenes featurette that was filmed during the production of Bride of Re-Animator.  For fans of SFX this is a must see, K.N.B. handled the SFX in the film and go into great detail about some of the props.

Deleted scene; Meg is Re-Animated (SD 7:42) - This deleted scene is made up of a handful of takes.  While Meg returns, however Barbara Crampton does not.  Mary Sheldon portrays the Dean Halsey's daughter this time around.  It doesn't look like she's having too much fun in between the takes either.

Deleted scene discussion - (SD 01:56) - Bryan Yuzna and a few others discuss a scene that was filmed but unfortunately lost.  It would have taken place early in the film, with Dr. Hill's head literally getting a job at a sideshow."

HP Lovecraft Podcast (01:29:55) - This is a podcast about the famed writer.  The entire thing is in German so that's about all I can say on the extra.

Re-Animator audio-play (01:08:40) - Lovecraft's original short story has been turned into an audio-play using several different voice actors.  A definite treat for anyone who enjoys the author's work!

Re-Animator intro (HD 02:36) - This one left me scratchin' my head.  It's simply the intro/credits to the original Re-Animator film.  There's no alternative tracks and I'm honestly not sure why this was included.

Bride of Re-Animator trailer (HD 01:53) - The excellent trailer for Bride' is available for your viewing pleasure!

Re-Animator trailer (HD 02:06) - Capelight has even tossed in the original film's trailer for good measure!

For fans of the original the sequel is truly a "must see."  Though chances are if you're reading this you're already well aware of that and are more interested in the specs of this particular set.  Here in the US it's really up in the air if and when Bride will ever get the high-def treatment.  If it's anything like the region A Re-Animator release than I'd say it's time fans hop on the Capelight bandwagon.  For those who are strictly interested in English friendly releases you won't have to wait much longer, the great UK company Second Sight is working on a comparable disc that's rumored to have better supplements. 

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