Here Comes the Devil

Production Year: 2012
Release Date: 03/18/14
Studio: Magnet
Collection Number: #1666

Within the first five minutes Adrian Garcia Bogliano's Here Comes the Devil sets an incredibly savage and sleazy tone that carries on throughout the rest of the film.  During a family outing two siblings vanish near a very strange rock formation.  Thankfully for the parents (Felix; Francisco Barriero and Sol; Laura Caro) the brother and sister turn up the next morning.  Throughout the next few weeks it's very clear something is different about the siblings.  While life seems to continue on like normal, it's the mother Sol that begins to suspect foul play.

Nothing supernatural is apparent at first, it seems the two children could have been molested by a very strange townie.  This sets in motion a very grizzly chain of events, and while the husband is content that things have been settled, once again it's Sol that begins to notice something worse between the siblings.  Something incestuous and even possibly demonic.  What really happened that day those children went missing?

Here Comes the Devil is a film that deals with a handful of taboos and does so in a very explicit manner.  It's chalk full of nudity, violence, and few nice bits of splatter.  The package is wrapped up with a stark, grimy atmosphere.  Halfway in you'll be well aware that this story has no happy endings.  Director Adrian Garcia Bogliano has a very specific style that hearkens back to some of my favorite Euro-directors.  While he's already crafted a handful of great genre pictures, it's with this film I believe he's left a mark.

I've got no real gripes about the picture quality, while at times some shots do seem to be a bit washed out I'm fairly certain this was Bogliano's intent.  The colors really pop during the opening scene, but from that point forward it's a fairly dreary looking film with some decent dark color levels.  The AQ is great though, HCTD features an awesome foreboding score by Julio Pillado, that score is one of my favorite things about this flick.  The 5.1 Spanish DTS track is the route you're going to want to go.  I sampled a bit of the English dub and it was pretty horrendous.  

Commentary with Adrian Garcia Bogliano 

AXS TV: A Look at Here Comes the Devil (HD 02:55) - A brief 'making of' featurette featuring interviews with the cast and crew.  

Behind the scene comparisons (SD 06:26) - This feature combines raw footage with a PIP featuring the final outcome. 

Rehearsals (SD 09:34) - Four different early rehearsals split up by different chapter stops. 

Extended Nightmare Scene (HD 01:32) - One of the best parts of this film is the babysitter's flashback.  I won't give too much away, but this is just an extension of part of that particular scene.  

Behind the Scenes Photo Gallery (07:24)

The film is not without it's faults.  Some of the early dialogue seemed to be a bit unintentionally funny, I feel a large part of that was likely due to the translation.  There's also a bit of stiff acting here and there.  Overall, Here Comes the Devil is a very rewarding experience for the horror viewer- one you're certainly going to want to look out for.

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