Mezco - Even more Monster Mez-itz!

If you're a fan of monster collectibles than you're more than likely also a fan of Mezco toyz.  One line of their's that met with an untimely demise was the Monster Mez-itz series.  Spanning just two waves, the line wasn't successful enough to continue which is a real pity.  Recently I was lucky enough to win a complete series on ebay for next to nothing, I've covered two of the sets before and I figured it was high time to review the rest of the line.

Mezco Toyz has always had a zany and exaggerated style which typically works well for these kind of releases.  While I wasn't too fond of it with their normal Cinema of Fear line (I preferred the more convention sculpting style for those types of figures) I've always thought their offbeat creature releases have benefited from it.

Frankenstein's Monster and the Wolfman (series one) are both timeless staples of the horror genre.  Mezco has lovingly gave an original take on each, providing fans with 3 inch articulated creatures that can best be described as blown-up Lego figurines that have gone terribly, terribly wrong.

 Also accompanying Frankenstein and the Wolfman are Dracula and the Mummy.  While still technically part of the first series, this particular duo were repaints exclusive to the Chiller Theatre convention.

In comparison to the original set I've gotta' hand it to the repaints, they stand out.  Given the exaggerated sculpt I really think this brightly colored paint scheme works perfectly, especially with The Mummy.

With the main monsters out of the way Mezco decided to go down a different route with series two.  Introducing fans to four original (for the most part) characters the second wave is where Mezco really hit the mark.  Dr. Mezitstein and Grim Grimly are two excellent additions to the collection.  Every Frankenstein needs a mad creator, right?  This one just so happens to have his brain constantly on display thanks to a clear plastic dome that sits upon his head.

Then of coarse there is death, the grim reaper.  Maybe not as 'showy' as the mad doctor, but Grim Grimly is still pretty menacing in his own right.  With a few different washes and bright yellow eyes, Grimly's ready to rot up any shelf!

Mezco Toyz is a great company that has a handful of missed opportunities, this series is one that could have had at least two more waves.  Where's Van Helsing?  The vampire brides?  Igor!?  Not to mention a castle playset!  Wait, believe it or not they actually had plans to release castle playset, the company even got as far as tooling a prototype.

Imagine owning that thing!  You've got a laboratory, dungeon, hidden rooms, trap doors, and as if that wasn't enough a hunchback assistant!  Okay, I've sort have veered off path- back to the actual figures.  They're great, something (in my mind) no monster collector should be without.  The sculpts are wacky and often times cartoonish, but also feature a lot of great detail.  If that wasn't enough keep in mind these can typically be found dirt cheap.  So seriously...

What are you waiting for?


  1. As the designer and sculptor for the now defunct mez-Itz line I'd like to thank you for digging something I took joy in helping put out to the masses

    1. Thank you so much for checking out the review and creating such awesome toys! I'd love to drop you a line and ask you a few questions for the site if you wouldn't mind!

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