NECA - Pacific Rim series 3 - Knifehead and Trespasser

Pacific Rim was pretty much a two hour orgasm for fans of mega-monster flicks.  Huge glowing creatures emerging from the depths and battling it out with gigantic robots; what's not to like, right?  I told myself I was going to hold off on the action figures as they're unfortunately more than I like to spend on a single toy.  But I guess this review will prove just how weak-willed and whorish I am when it comes to monster action figures.

I've never truly bought a bad NECA figure, don't get me wrong- I've had small issues and minor gripes, but their output has always been pretty good.  With that said I can honestly say that these are some of the best figures the company has put out in a long time.  When comparing this new Knifehead to last year's release you'll see a huge jump in not just the size but also the over all quality, Knifehead 2.0 is gigantic, angry, and battle damaged.

Each figure sports 18 points of articulation, and while some of it is hindered by the sculpt there's still enough movement to get a handful of dynamic poses out of each figure.  I particularly love the fact that NECA has added a hinged jaw onto each monster.  Inside each toothy maw there's a layer of neon paint that has an ominous glow under the light of my fish tank (scroll down to take a look!)

There's also some great paint application with very little slop, there's a few different washes on the figures to bring out every single scale, scar, and crevace of the kaiju. While scouring through the figures at the store looking for the creature with the best paint apps I could not find a single weak link.  The QC over at NECA must have improved with this line because each figure at my local Hastings had a superb paint job. With spot on sculpts, great paint apps, and excellent articulation I think it's safe to say this third series of Kaiju is not to be passed up.

Unfortunately these two figures feature no accessories.

With a high price point I was uneasy at first, thankfully after opening these two I found myself having no regrets, they really are worth every penny.  If you're reading this review chances are these guys are already on your radar and I hope this review help in squashing any doubts.  This is another splendid series from one of the leaders in pop-culture collectibles.

Scroll down for a few more photographs!