Sideshow Toys - Frankenstein Pozer

In the late 90's Sideshow Toys went crazy with the Universal Monsters license.  They released everything from action figures to Halloween pails and shotglasses to bobbleheads.  One of the coolest releases though was their Frankenstein Pozer.

The Pozer series was sadly short lived, the line consisted only of a Frankenstein and a Wolfman.  Creech, Drac, and the rest of the crew were no where to be found.  A pozer is a 24" deluxe plush figure with a wire frame that runs throughout it's body allowing for a number of cool static poses.  Each figure had a plush body with plastic extremities.  The facial sculpts were accurate to the basic features of the character, but are extremely exaggerated.

There's an amazing level of detail in the face, while the company did go for an almost cartoonish appearance, they did not let that hinder the sculpt.  As you can see every pore, wrinkle, and scar is accounted for.  The paint is also excellent with a lot of different grimy colors bringing the monster to life. 

This Pozer is freakin' huge, I took a picture of him next to a bunch of other figures for a size comparison.  That's an 18 inch Mcfarlane Freddy he's towering over. 

We (as collectors) have been very lucky, the last few companies that have held the Universal Monster rights have done some pretty interesting things with it.  From the recent banks and figures, to the older binders, monster makers, and this particular pozer.  Sideshow's reign in the late 90's was a great one and for fans this pozer is a must own.  I'm extremely pleased to finally have it in my collection.


  1. I had him back in the day....Wish I had never sold him off. Need him for Monster Cafe Saltillo!

  2. I have both Frankenstein and Wolfman!!!They were given to me as a gift from my tattoo artist. wondered if there were any more Monsters, thanks for the info.

  3. Mine is going in the trash today because he's been under the bed for too many years gathering dust. He is a great figure though to be sure.