The Flesh and Blood Show

Production Year: 1972
Release Date: 03/18/2014
Studio: Kino
Collection Number: #1663

While not nearly as memorable as Frightmare, The Flesh and Blood Show is a fine example of exploitative British Horror.  In the film a group of unemployed actors are hired and eventually relocated to an abandoned theatre to rehearse an upcoming play.  The group decide to stick it out in the eerie abandoned theatre as it's cheaper than lodging at the nearby hotel.  Obviously a big mistake, eventually the cast is picked off one by one thanks a gloved madman.

At it's root this is a pretty basic by-the-numbers slasher film.  While it does have director Pete Walker's charm, it wouldn't be until his later horror films that he would really find his niche.  One aspect that might throw some slasher fiends off is the obvious lack of gore.  What this film lacks in blood it makes up for in naked flesh.  Walker started off with films like Four Dimensions and School For Sex and ended the 70's with films such as Frightmare.  Flesh and Blood was right in the middle, featuring near-softcore scenes that transitioned into scenes of horror.

As the young actors start vanishing, what's left of the crew must slowly piece together the mystery of their missing colleagues.  While the film might be a little slow for some, I found it to be pretty enjoyable with an extremely satisfying conclusion.  A definite must for previous fan's of Walker's work along with fans of British horror.

If you caught any of my previous Kino reviews than you'll know exactly what to expect.  The company has given Flesh and Blood the basic HD treatment, presenting the film in an un-manipulated form.  While it seems no remastering has taken place, the same can be said about edge enhancement and grain clean up.  I've previously praised the company in the past for this and will do so again, while the film does suffer from some damage (especially in the opening credits) for the most part things look and sound pretty good. 

Flesh, Blood, and Censorship (HD 12:13) - Director Pete Walker discusses the film and reveals that the lack of blood was due to the censorship climate at the time of the production.  He also discusses with 3D gimmick that was used in a few particular shots of the film along with his final thoughts on the overall production.

3D sequence (HD 10:23) - Originally the film was released with a few 3D sequences, this three dimensional portion of the film is presented in both the stereoscopic and anaglyph formats as a bonus feature.

Pete Walker trailer reel (Varying quality 12:00) - The trailers featured are Die Screaming MarianneFrightmareThe ComebackThe Flesh and Blood Show, and The House of Whipcord.

When looking over Walker's filmography you'd find that The Flesh and Blood Show falls right in the middle of his career, the same can be said about it's overall quality, it's average, "right in the middle."  While it's better than his sophomoric films, it's no where near the quality of a Frightmare.  With that said, this is a solid release, one that is highly recommend for fans of the director.


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