The Walking Dead resurrects Bub!

The Walking Dead is certainly no stranger to cameos and tonight's episode revealed one of the best yet!

The return of Bub!

On top of a great cameo, it was also one of the best episodes of the season in my humble opinion.  Bub shambling his way onto my TV screen was just icing on the cake.

With Nicotero working so closely with the show I knew it was only a matter of time before everyone's favorite zombie showed up.  They really nailed the character too, he was even sportin' his neck shackles!

While the stories are set in different universes, I'd still love to see more connections to Romero's original trilogy.  Maybe we'll see the WGON helicopter one of these days.


  1. here is 1 link Romeo's agent giving a speech at an after party for AMC premier of walking dead In Seattle

  2. Let's work in a cameo of the Krishna zombie from Dawn of the Dead!