Before they were famous: Are you Afraid of the Dark & Goosebumps

Recently I decided to revisit two of my favorite childhood TV programs and I noticed two things.  One, they've aged surprisingly well, and two, I saw a handful of familiar faces.  After doing a bit of research I found that a number of now famous actors actual got an early start thanks to these two television shows.

Are You Afraid of the Dark ruled the 90's and as much as I loved Goosebumps, I feel AYAOTD's output was just a bit better.  The show also had a longer reign meaning quite a number of actors would show up throughout the seasons.

The Tale of the Frozen Ghost

Melissa Joan Hart was one of the first, appearing in the second season as Daphne.

 The Tale of the Guardian's Curse

Danny Cooksey is probably most remembered for his role in Salute Your Shorts though he also starred as John in the third season of the show. 

 The Tale of the Dangerous Soup

Also in the third season was a young Neve Campbell who played the character Nonnie.

The Tale of the Unfinished Painting

Years before Space Cases Jewel Staite portrayed the character "Cody," she was also in an earlier episode titled Tale of the Watcher's Woods.

 The Tale of the Silent Servant

Tyler Labine (Mark) showed up during fourth season in an older brother role.

 The Tale of the Dead Man's Float

Jay Baruchel (Joe) made his acting debut with a small bit in what's likely my favorite episode of the entire series.  Dead Man's Float genuinely creeped me out as a kid.

 The Tale of Station 109.1

Ryan Gosling (Jamie) has the honor of being the only actor to appear in both Are You Afraid of the Dark and Goosebumps.

What child of the 90's didn't love Goosebumps?  While the the quality of 'Dark was a bit better, Goosebumps still managed to be a pretty fun show.  The books were great too.  If you were a fan of this 90's craze be sure to bookmark this page, we'll be covering a number of nostalgic GB items during the Halloween season
It Came From Beneath The Sink

Genre fav. Katharine Isabelle (Kat) was in one of my favorite episodes that centered around a monster sponge.  The young actress would also show up in The Ray Bradbury Theatre.

Say Cheese and Die

I guess Gosling (Greg) didn't get his fill from his small part in The Tale of Station 109.1.

 Night of the Living Dummy Part III

Hayden Christensen (Zane) will end out short list, he went toe to toe with the evil Slappy in this episode.

Throughout these two shows there were plenty of recognizable faces, this is just a short list.  I really hope that these shows eventually get a decent US release. 


  1. Caterina Scorsone (Grey's Anatomy's Amelia Shepard) played Sara Kramer in Goosebumps Season 1, Episode 10: Night of the Living Dummy II. She also played Jessica Walters in Episodes 19 and 20 of Season 3 (Chillogy: Part I: Squeal of Fortune,Part II: Strike Three... You're Doomed!, and Part III: Escape from Karlsville.)