Cheap Thrills - Universal Monsters garage sale haul!

You never really know what you're going to find at Garage Sales.  Sometimes it's pure gold, other times it's some old lady trying to get rid of an old used enema kit (seriously.)  On my way home from Hastings yesterday afternoon my mom informed me there was a nearby garage sale that advertised old board games and toys.  While I didn't walk away with any vintage games, I did manage to find a handful of older Universal Monsters products.

These were not listed in the craigslist ad, he just happened to have a ton of these in his garage.  Multiples stacked on top of one another as if he'd stumbled upon the best goin' out of business sale ever.

I picked up one of each, sadly he didn't a complete set of the steins or the Timeless Terror Collection but I guess that's why they invented eBay. 

The small porcelain buildings are hollow and have room for a tiny candle or tea light.

With this being my first real garage sale haul of the year I think it's safe to say I'm off to a good start.