CMV Laservision - Nightmare City (Grossangriff Der Zombies) VHS edition

Proving once again that some of the best horror releases must be imported, CMV Laservision has given a number of beloved Italian Horror flicks a faux VHS release. Today I'll be doing an overview of their excellent VHS edition of Grossangriff Der Zombies AKA Nightmare City/City of the Walking Dead.

The set is housed in a thick cardboard hardbox that's about the same size of a medium VHS clamshell. Inside the box you'll find the DVD of the film along with a cardboard tape.

The cardboard VHS opens up to reveal a small bag containing a small glossy poster print and five tiny lobby cards.

As with a lot of the German releases there are two covers available (this being cover A, my preferred cover).  Each cover is limited to 250 and I'm lucky enough to own 211.

If you would have told me that I would own multiple editions of Nightmare City ten years ago I'd have called your bluff, but over the years those oatmeal-faced zombies have won their way into my heart. CMV Laservision is a great company who has pumped out some of the coolest (and in some cases oddest) editions of all time. Now if they'd just do something like this for The Gates of Hell I'd be set.

Click here for a full review of Nightmare City.


  1. Is this the company that also released one with a video screen in the box for like $80. It was quite reasonable for how cool it was.

    1. Yep, same company. I didn't order one of the video boxes but I imagine if they make something like that for Zombi 2 I'd cave.