Creature From the Black Lagoon Aquarium ornament

Back in the 70's the company Penn Plax released a Creature From the Black Lagoon bubbling aquarium ornament, if found in good condition that particular collectible can fetch hundreds of dollars.

Recently it came to my attention that an eBay seller from Asia had a number of questionable Penn Plax "re-releases" (dated 1999) and was selling each for just under $20 shipped.  While people had varied luck getting the guy in good shape, I decided to go ahead and take a chance on the Creature collectible.

I guess I was lucky, the item traveled overseas in a simple bubble mailer and while a few of his claws were broken off mine arrived in decent shape.  There was no option for shipping, everyone of these sold was put in bubble wrap and mailed in a thin envelope.  Some people received them in perfect shape while others received creatures that were literately destroyed by the trip.

Bootleg or not, this is a great collectible for any fan of the Universal Monster series.  While it looks great on a shelf it looks even cooler hooked up and in a tank.  Below you'll find a few pictures of the creature in action along with some of his fellow tank buddies.  As of my posting this it seems as if the Hong Kong seller has sold out of the item, if he gets anymore in stock I'll be sure to update this with a link.