Death Waltz Recording Company - House by the Cemetery OST

With the huge resurgence of vinyl I think we all knew it was simply a matter of time before some cool company would come along and give the horror genre a bit of love.  Based in the UK, Death Waltz Recording Company have been putting out some of the coolest LP's money can buy.  Unfortunately my experience with them is limited to a mere two releases, though I will say those two releases are 
exceptional and enough to earn my complete and unbridled support.

Yesterday I received my second Death Waltz record, the OST for the Fulci classic House by the Cemetery.  Not only are you getting the soundtrack on clear blood-red record, but there's also a small print, 24" x 24" poster, and brief liner notes by the cover artist Graham Humphreys.  

House by the Cemetery has an extremely haunting score that absolutely lends itself to the format.  The new original artwork is also no slouch, it's certainly one of their best lookin' designs yet.

I wasn't always a 'Cemetery nut, but the film quickly grew on me.  Now I just need a hardbox and maybe a VHS or two to complete my little collection.   Below you'll find a few more pictures of this release.  It's definitely a solid effort and I highly recommend picking it up.  The company is no stranger to Fulci, they've also released soundtracks for Zombi 2, The New York Ripper, and later this month you'll be able to add The Gates of Hell to their list.