DST - Godzilla (1988) vinyl bank!

With Legendary Picture's Godzilla premiering in less than a month companies like Neca, Jakks Pacific, and Diamond Select Toys are gearing up for an onslaught of collectible tie ins. While a number of these are based solely on the 2014 remake, Diamond Select Toys plan on giving fans a plethora of items based upon various incarnations of the kaiju.

The creature is bagged and tagged like past DST bank releases.

 Their first release comes in the form of a vinyl bank, I've reviewed a handful of their bank releases in the past but what really separates this from their past bank releases is that fact that it's not just a simple bust, but the entire monster.

 In terms of sculpt the bank is pretty much spot-on, remaining fairly accurate to the monster's look in Godzilla VS. Biollante. The paint scheme keeps it simple, with the only real wash being found on the jagged plates inhabiting Godzilla's spine. If you're familiar with DST's past banks you know articulation generally is not something to be expected.

 That aspect doesn't change with this release, though one big thing that separate this from the other banks is obviously the massive scale. You're going to need a nice big space to display this guy as it comes in at a nice 12" tall (18" from head to tail!) The coin slot can be found next to the plates on the back, twisting off the monsters tail will then give you access to your loot.

 Godzilla fans will certainly be all over this release, the design caters to a much-favored film. The simplicity of the figure gives it (almost) a retro feel, sure to find a secure place among any collector's kaiju shelf.


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