Holy Ghost People

Production Year: 2013
Release Date: 04/08/2014
Studio: Xlrator

Holy Ghost People is a backwoods mystery surrounding a small cult of snake handlers and a woman's search for her missing sibling.  Determined to find her sister, Charlotte (Emma Greenwell) enlists the help of Wayne (Brendan McCarthy) and the two embark on a trip through the Appalachian Mountains in search of answers.

Deep within this rural area of America the couple find more than they bargain for in the form of The Church of One Accord, a fanatic snake-handlin' cult that just might know the answers to some of their questions.

I wasn't sure what to expect from the film, was it going to be a drama?  Maybe a horror or hicksploitation perhaps?  Even after viewing the film I'm still trying to pin down it's genre.  Mitchell Altieri weaves this tale together with the frantic style you'd expect from one half of the Butcher Brothers and while I'm not typically a fan of "shaky cam" it's in no way overbearing with this film.

While the movie occasionally brings the cheese it manages to pull the viewer in with it's charm.  When the shit hits the fan you'll find yourself rooting for the protagonists all the while a hillbilly version of Cry Little Sister rapes your speakers (in a good way.)

Deleted Scenes (07:19) - There are a total of five delete scenes available.
- Infirmary (01:32)
- Mouse (01:04)
- Porch (02:10)
- Woodchop (01:06)

While these do not add much to the overall story the addition of some characterization is always a nice touch.  I'm actually surprised "Infirmary" didn't make it into the final cut.

Theatrical Trailer (02:27)

Fans of the non-exploitative side of backwoods cinema will certainly want to give Holy Ghost People a go.  It's one part White Lightnin'  and two parts Slim Cessna's Auto Club wrapped up in Altieri's distinct style.