Alamo Drafthouse - Dawn of the Dead Q & A - 05/01/14

If getting the chance to go to Texas Frightmare Weekend wasn't exciting enough, I actually scored tickets to a screening of Dawn of the Dead with George Romero, Tom Savini, David Emge, and Scott Reiniger in attendance.  Words cannot exactly describe how cool this event was; Thankfully I did have a camera on hand so I'll let the video do the talkin' for me.  The video does cut out before the last question, but there's a lot of ground covered and some pretty interesting stuff discussed throughout the Q & A so it's well worth the watch if you're a fan of the film.

It was my first time at the Alamo Drafthouse but it certainly will not be my last.  The employees were all extremely nice, the no tolerance policy on cellphones was refreshing, and the drink specials...Well, just take a look at the below flyer I nabbed from the theater.
To sum it up my life has truly come full circle since my first viewing of Dawn of the Dead one early Sunday morning.  A huge thanks to Lloyd Cryer and the Alamo Drafthouse for creating such an awesome and memorable event!


  1. Praying for a guardian angel that loves independent films. 3 hours @Indiegogo #roadtripofthedead