Arrow Video is turning five!

I'm sure you're probably asking yourself "how does a label like Arrow Video celebrate a Birthday?" By releasing five limited edition steelbooks, that's how!

In conjunction with the UK retailer Zavvi, Arrow is giving Maniac Cop, City of the Living Dead, Day of the Dead, Black Sunday, Inferno, and Phenomena the steelbook treatment. Each of these releases are currently available for pre-order over at Zavvi. But wait, there's more! One lucky consumer will find a golden ticket stashed inside one of these Steelbooks. The owner of said ticket will then be entitled to receive the entire back catolog of Arrow Video releases along with everything the company releases in 2014. Pretty cool, eh?

Below you'll find pictures of the artwork along with each film's respective release dates.







While there weren't any physical production numbers available keep in mind that these releases are limited and will only be available for a certain period of time. Each steelbook can be pre-ordered at Zavvi.

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