Blue Movie

Production Year: 1978
Release Date: 05/27/2014
Studio: Raro Video

Raro Video continues their onslaught of releasing obscure Euro-cinema. This time they're giving fans Alberto Cavallone 's Blue Movie, which happens to be the first official US release of this extremly odd film. After being sexually assaulted Silvia (Danielle Dugas) shacks up with an amatuer photographer named Claudio (Claude Maran).  Unfortunately for her Claudio is also a bit of a sociopath.  That's not to say Silvia is exactly sane, the poor lady is haunted by macabre visions.  While Claudio offers the woman safety, he eventually locks her inside of his apartment and begins treating her like a caged animal.

Meanwhile the photographer picks up various women, engages in voyeurism, and collects cigarette packages stuffed with feces.  Wait, what?  Blue Movie isn't exactly what you would call family entertainment.  It's full of explicit sex, near-coprophilia, and misogyny.  It's edited in an extremely unconventional way and full of stock footage and music.  It's an all around strange and surreal trip of a movie.  A film that's certainly not going to be for everyone.

Claudio is a pretty strange character and most of his habits go unexplained.  Throughout the film he exploits every person he comes into contact, suffice it to say he's not exactly the nicest person.  On the flipside one would expect the viewers to get behind Silvia but I found it quite the opposite, she's a rather unlikeable as well.  I'm still not exactly sure what the director Alberto Cavallone was going for with this film. If it was to make a movie that offends the general populous I'd say he succeeded.  The guy has crafted a very odd and pessimistic picture.

It's pretty clear why this film did not get the normal Raro Video high definition treatment.  While it's no where near unwatchable, Blue Movie is a bit rough around the edges with a nice helping of scratches and other age damage.  The Italian 2.0 track is on the same level featuring a nice hiss throughout the run time. 

For such an obscure title Raro Video really pulled out all of the stops.  This DVD features deleted scenes from the extended Italian cut.  Unfortunately all of these deleted scenes were pull from a super 8MM print and as such do not look anywhere as good as the main feature.

Alternative Beginning (01:10)
Play of Light (02:54)
Violence in the Wood (01:08)
Crumbs (02:51)
Interracial Exchange (05:16)
Golden Rain (01:25)

Nocturno Presents: Blue Extreme (43:45) - The most surprising extra on this disc is in the form of a featurette containing interviews with the cast and crew.  The extra is pretty thorough and a number of subjects are discussed from the director to the inserted hardcore scenes.

Overall Blue Movie is a fairly interesting piece.  It's more coherent than Hallucination Trip but Alberto Cavallone's usage of stock footage, music, and quick editing make it just as trippy.  It will leave you confused and likely offended, certainly one for fans of obscure sleaze.