Five questions with artist/sculptor Lewnatik (Mezco Toyz)

I've been pretty vocal about my adoration for all things Mezco Mez-itz, recently I was able to briefly speak with one of the original sculptors of the line.  He started with the company back in 2000 and had a hand in crafting some of the coolest collectibles Mezco had to offer!

CR: How did you get started with Mezco?
Lewnatik: I started early on at Mezco around 2000, I was a free lance prototype painter on The Osbournes, Underworld, Animal House, and Gangsters, and the first non-detailed type of Mez-itz such as Run DMC, Austin Powers, Dick Tracy, and the first Cinema of Fear Mez-itz..and a generic run of characters that I can't even recall if those were even released. Then I was given the chance to prove my sculpting skills on the Mez-its line.. My first project was the second run of Cinema of Fear, then came Hellboy, Tobocop, Army of Darkness, Aliens, Predator. and the Pirates among other Mez-itz that never got released, plus an 8 inch Jack the Ripper.

CR: The Monster Mez-itz line was sadly short lived, were there plans for a third series?
Lewnatik: Yeah, a third wave was being talked about but never made it past that, I dont know if a third line had been started since i had left the toy industry due to personal reasons but that would have been cool to see just as a fan as well.

 CR: The Mez-itz series covered a number of properties from films to musicians, were there any in particular you wanted to cover but never got the chance to?
Lewnatik: There were quite a few that we started that I was hyped to be working on such as Popeye, Scarface, and the Goon that never went to production and seeing some of the licenses that they have acquired since my working there.  The Universal Monsters, Biggie Smalls, Public Enemy,and the DC comics line and let me not forget Breaking Bad.

CR: Eventually the Mez-itz series went from the smaller articulated figures to the larger vinyl collectibles; why the change? What happened with the line? Do you think there's a chance the line could eventually return?
Lewnatik: I have no clue why the original Mez-itz line was canceled. I can only assume it was to stay in the game with kidrobot dunnys that the line was changed (idk) but Mez-its still exist just a smaller version of the bigger vinyl from what I've seen at comic shops and Toys r us.

CR: Are there any new projects you're currently working on that you'd like to share?
Lewnatik: I've been out the toy game for a while and in that time I've done random custom shows that I get asked to be a part of.  I did a small run of resin figures of a storm trooper dressed as a samurai and I'm currently working on some custom They Live and Toxic Avenger figures plus others.  I want to get around to sculpting but for the past few years I've been tattooing.  You can check out some of my work on instagram @lewnatik or if anyone has any interest, commissions are welcomed I can be contacted at

Some of Lewnatik's recent work

Thanks again for answering the questions!