Gang War in Milan

Production Year: 1973
Release Date: 05/20/2014
Studio: Raro Video

What happens when the man behind Eaten Alive and Nightmare City sets his sights on creating a Poliziotteschi film?  Oh, only one of the most wildly violent and misogynistic movies ever pressed to a blu-ray disc, that's what. Salvatore (Antonio Sabato) is a full time produce vendor and a part time criminal. When he's not hawking fruit to unsuspecting customers he's moonlighting as a pimp and making a pretty nice living for himself in doing so. That is until crime boss Roger Daverty (Philippe Leroy) shows up.

Daverty is a drug pusher and needs Salvatore and his gang to sell heroin on their turf. Easy enough right? Unfortunately Daverty isn't exactly the kind of guy that does business fairly. Salvatore is his own man, he butts heads with the kingpin causing an extremely violent rivalry. Each gang begins to try and one up the other, using murder, torture, and other scare tactics hoping the other will eventually submit. As one might assume with director Lenzi at the helm things get vulgar, things get violent, and things get bloody.

Mike Malloy (Dir. Eurocrime!) describes Gang War in Milan as a "one man against the world" film. I cannot think of a better way to describe this movie, Salvatore is stubborn and will not back down from this war. With a rival gang coming after him at every turn and the local police aware of his activities there literally are no people he can trust. The conclusion of the film is great, it's a violent ride that never really lets up. You know that saying "they don't make 'em like that anymore?" That saying should be reserved for the Eurocrime films of Umberto Lenzi. Period. It's full of the politically incorrect dialogue, sexism, and violence that one would expect from an Italian crime film of that period along with Lenzi's visual flair.

The PQ is pretty standard with a mild amount of detail available throughout the film. The colors are natural with deep blacks and solid skin tones. It's certainly worth noting that there is a definite instance of noise throughout some scenes of the film.

Both English and Italian audio options are available in the form of two lossless 2.0 audio tracks. Carlo Rustichelli's upbeat score reigns supreme but manages to balance out evenly with the dialogue.

Introduction by Mike Malloy (5:51 HD) - The director the upcoming documentary Eurocrime! is back to grace viewers with another introduction. This time around the walking encyclopedia of all things poliziotteschi sets his sights on Gang War in Milan. The director gives his opinion on the film along with pointing out a handful of weapon blunders you can spot in the movie. An extremely nice addition to the disc and I absolutely cannot wait to see his upcoming documentary!

I'm lovin' these poliziotteschi films and I really hope Raro Video keeps it up! After NoShame Films went under I feared the reign of solid US Eurocrime releases would end, thankfully Raro Video seems to be picking up where NoShame left off. For fans of the subgenre Gang War in Milan is a must own. It has all of the staples one would expect from a film of this caliber plus a small sampling of ball torture. Yes, I said ball torture. Give the company your support and maybe we will eventually see a high definition release of Rome Armed to the Teeth!