Kraken Releasing - Ebirah Horror of the Deep / Godzilla VS. Hedorah / Godzilla VS. Gigan

This year the big green famous monster officially turned 60.  Rather than retire like most folks that are rounding out six decades, the creature decided to travel to California and have it out with two other ancient creatures in Legendary Picture's Godzilla.  To celebrate this momentous occasion a number of labels are giving some of the more popular Toho Godzilla films the high definition treatment.  Today we will be discussing three blu-ray releases from Kraken films (A Subsidiary of Section 23), each of these high definition releases are moderately priced and should properly whet your appetite for the monster mayhem featured in the 2014 film.   Oh, and if you haven't seen said film....WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!?

Ebirah Horror of the Deep
Production Year: 1966
Release Date: 05/06/2014
Studio: Kraken

In the seventh Toho Godzilla production the creature is pitted against a gigantic lobster monster named Ebirah.  Of coarse there is a little more to it than just that, after his bother is lost at sea Ryota and three other poor souls set sail and end up on Devil's Island.    Devil's Island is not only inhabited by a hibernating Godzilla but also a Terrorist group known as Red Bamboo.  In order to defeat the group and escape the island Ryota and company decide to wake the slumbering beast and use Godzilla to their advantage.

Featuring a handful of great underwater fights and an appearance by freakin' MOTHRAEbirah Horror of the Deep is an awesome addition to my monster collection.  It features everyone one has came to expect from the Toho films; Cool looking creatures, interesting dubbing, and of coarse gigantic monsters fighting.

Godzilla Vs. Hedorah
Production Year: 1971
Release Date: 05/06/2014
Studio: Kraken

It didn't take long for the king of monsters to go from terrifying city destroyer to a savoir/anti-hero, in his eleventh Toho picture the monster is pitted against Hedorah; an alien life form mutated by Earth's pollution.  It's been over forty years since this film's debut and Hedorah is still the reigning champion in the  "what in the fuck!?" category.  He's living, pulsating proof that while Americans might be able to make an awesome Godzilla flick, we still can't hold a candle to the spastic-batshit-crazy monsters the Japanese can create.  The creature starts out in a tadpole-like form before eventually reaching city-stompin' size.  This is definitely one of the weirdest chapters in Godzilla's long history.  We've got Hedorah, pollution, flying Godzilla, and a small child wearing a turtle neck with a pair of cutoff overalls.  A must see.  

Godzilla Vs. Gigan
Production Year: 1972
Release Date: 05/06/2014
Studio: Kraken

The twelfth installment of the Toho series features space-cockroaches taking on a humanoid form in hopes of world domination. Their plan?  Using King Ghidorah (yes, Ghidorah) and Gigan to destroy everything. As you can imagine Godzilla isn't exactly thrilled with this idea.  With the help of a few hippies and his faithful pal Anguirus, Godzilla attempts to thwart the alien's plans and save humanity.  This one is extremely satisfying featuring a number of epic fight scenes and a ton of monster chaos.  It's certainly one of the stranger plots (alien cockroaches?) but it's the zaniness one would come to expect from the famed studio.

I'm not too big on anime so I was completely unfamiliar with Section 23, I honestly wasn't sure what to expect from these releases.  With that said I have to say I'm extremely impressed with these three blu-rays! Each film is presented with a superb high definition transfer along with two audio options, an English dub track and an original Japanese language track.  The 2.0 lossless audio tracks are solid throughout the three releases and while each film has it's share of (minute) age damage and the occasional heavy instance of grain, these really are great looking blu-rays.  

While the supplements are a little scarce it is important to remember that Kraken did include Japanese audio tracks which is an option that has been left off of a number of releases.

Ebirah Horror of the Deep
     -Original Japanese Trailer (02:16 HD)

Godzilla VS. Hedorah
     -Original Japanese Trailer (02:10 HD)

Godzilla VS. Gigan 
     -Original Japanese Trailer (02:11 HD)

Three solid looking releases just waiting to invade your shelf space!  If you consider yourself a big fan of the Toho produced monster films than you need these blu-rays!  If you haven't already purchased them head over to your local Walmart where they have been spotted for just under $10 per film.