Texas Frightmare Weekend 2014

Another Texas Frightmare Weekend is in the books and I have to say 2014 was one of the strongest years for the convention.  Partnering with Mondo (who can say no to exclusive posters!?) and the Alamo Drafthouse was a great move and I hope those relationships continue into 2015.

Above is my annual Frightmare video.  I didn't manage to take as many pictures at the event so hopefully this will make up for the lack of photography.

Charles Band brought his Full Moon Roadshow to the event, I was lucky enough to attend two of these when they made their way to Oklahoma a few years back.  They're a lot of fun and Band always has a handful of entertaining stories to tell.

Band called up a number of people from the audience and directed a short scene.  There was also a bit of nudity involved but to see that I'm afraid you'd have had to be in the audience.  Band is bringing the road show to a number of conventions over the next few months, if happen to be attending one I'd highly recommend checkin' out the show.

Jack Torrance was also in attendance.  

Fangoria made their TFW debut this year and the company made sure there was no shortage of magazines and poster prints.  I happened to pick up one of the new GZ issues, while I haven't had a chance to read if I were to judge it on the cover alone I'd say it's a clear winner.  I'm extremely happy Fango decided to resurrect that title.  Chris Alexander and the rest of the crew were extremely nice and I really hope TFW books them again next year.

While the blurry picture in no way does Mondo's set up justice, I couldn't do a post about TFW '14 without mentioning the company and the exclusive prints they had for sale at the event.  It was hard to pick one but I ended up walking away with a glow in the dark Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man poster.

Overall I had a great time and while I only met a handful of guests the fact that I was able to catch a screening of Dawn of the Dead with Romero in attendance really made the weekend.  They definitely set the bar pretty high this year though I suspect they're planning on an even bigger con with their ten year anniversary in 2015.  I for one cannot wait!