Death Bed - The Bed That Eats

Production Year: 1977
Release Date: 06/03/2014
Studio: Cult Epics

Today I'm reviewing a film that truly needs no introduction, .  Oh Death Bed, your reputation certainly precedes you, doesn't it?  The portrait that Patton Oswalt throws even more dirt on your wretched grave as well.  Honestly (and surprisingly) upon my first viewing of Death Bed this morning I must say I didn't think it was nearly as bad as some make it out to be.  It's a ludicrous film, sure.  But it's also manages to be mildly entertaining with some fairly interesting visuals.  

The film's premise is simple; A demon falls in love and takes human form to seal the deal with one lucky female.  It's clearly a momentous occasion so the guy creates a bed for the eventual consummation.  Once the deed is done the female dies, the demon cries, and a few bloody tears fall on the bed.  The rest is history.  From that point forward any unfortunate soul that comes anywhere near the haunted bed will get covered in a very strange sizzlin' substance and quickly digested.

Best of all the entire film is narrated by a former victim (with a thick English accent) who's now caught in an extremely strange version of purgatory.  The poor sap is forced to watch victim after victim fall prey to a luxurious bed with a carnivorous appetite.  So who's for lunch and dinner?  Why three God fearin' women who head to the house on one unfortunate day to check out the real estate.  Toss in one 'will stop at nothing to find you' sibling and you've got yourself Death Bed: The Bed that EATS.

As I mentioned earlier, while the film is ludicrous and campy it does manage to keep one entertained.  The narration is killer, the killer is a bed, and there are a few oddball-memorable SFX shots sprinkled throughout.  Best of all is the soundtrack (if you can call it that) which is comprised mostly of guttural sounds and tracks that sound as if they're pulled off of a dollar store Halloween record.  For the record it's been about 12 hours since I watched this and I'm still kind of wondering how this one received funding.

The materials used to create this high definition transfer have seen better days.  That's not really a slide on Cult Epics, as it's clear that the company has done what they could with the film, but it's obvious whoever had their hands on the master wasn't storing it in some immaculate safe.  There's print damage throughout the film ranging from specs to scratches.  Once you get past that things are good and while the first few shots of the film seem a bit dark, the rest of the fim has pretty decent range with natural colors and good skin tones.  The sound is about on par with the picture, the film is full of odd sound effects (as opposed to a straight forward score) which reign supreme during it's 78 minutes though they never really interfere with the dialogue.

Intro by Stephen Thrower (03:39 Audio only) - The author discusses his discovery of Death Bed and his brief thoughts on the film.

Intro by George Barry (05:34 SD) - The director of Death Bed goes into a short history of the film's production and eventual official release.

 Behind the Scenes of Death Bed (07:56 HD) - George Barry and Stephen Thrower travel to some of the original locations where Death Bed was filmed. Samir Eid makes a brief appearance to discuss his time making the film.  An all around decent featurette.

Nightmare USA - A conversation between Stephen Thrower and George Barry (15:01 SD ) - George Barry interviews Stephen Thrower who goes on to discuss his inspiration for his book Nightmare USA. While I've yet to read the book it's one that's haunted my Amazon wishlist for years now.  Thrower goes into some detail on a planned sequel to Nightmare USA along with another upcoming book called Sadomania; a reference guide to Jess Franco films.

 Original Death Bed credit music track (01:55 SD) - The original intro to the film featuring an extremely jazzy track by Mike Mccoy.

While it won't move you to tears or inspire you to save lives, for genre fans I'd say it's worth the watch based upon the subject alone along with it's notoriously bad reputation.  It's odd to say that something "doesn't live up to it's reputation" with a positive tone, but in my opinion this is clearly the case with this campy flick.  It's absurdly fun way to waste 80 minutes.


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