Sugar Cookies

Production Year: 1973
Release Date: 06/03/2014
Studio: Vinegar Syndrome

The extremely manipulative Max (George Shannon) manages to murder the insatiable actress Alta (Lynn Lowry). While he does get away with it, weird things are amidst in this Lloyd Kaufman produced film. Laura Kent (Lynn Lowry in a dual role) shows up to audition for a role taking the place of Alta. Shocked by the similar look Camila (Mary Woronov) takes the young hopeful actress under her wing and begins training her. Her look certainly intrigues Max, and the producer quickly becomes infatuated.

Camila also finds Laura irresistible setting up for a pretty strange love triangle between the three.  Even stranger is the subplot featuring Max's obsessed cross-dressing nephew who cannot keep himself out of trouble. The story between Max, Camila, and Laura is a strong one that will keep you guessing until the final reveal.  While some of the acting is shoddy and the budget occasionally shows, this is actually a well directed and entertaining film. I know some seem group this film in the porn genre which is a real pity. While there is an excess of nudity none of it I'd deem "explicit." It's one I would certainly recommend to fans of sexploitation and I certainly commend Vinegar Syndrome for doing such a great job with this release!

Who would have thought we'd receive a high definition transfer of this film?  Vinegar Syndrome's track record really speaks volumes and this release is no different.  There's absolutely zero signs of edge enhancement or manipulation.  What we have is a very natural looking transfer with great color and loads of detail.  I did notice a few scenes that seemed a bit out of focus, but it was just for a few seconds. Unfortunately the sound did not fare as well as the picture with varying quality and levels. It certainly remains watchable but it's a pity the audio could not hold it's own with the richness of the picture.

Lynn Lowry (13:39 HD) - Lynn Lowry dishes on the production of Sugar Cookies and her apprehension in taking the role. Believe it or not Lowry originally didn't want to play the character due to nudity and didn't sign on until they worked up a script to exclude any "bush" shots. Lowry looks great and is extremely enthusiastic throughout the interview.

Lloyd Kaufman remembers... (35:56 HD) - A pretty loaded interview with Lloyd Kaufman on Sugar Cookies. Kaufman discusses almost every aspect on the production of the film from the discovery of Lynn Lowry to perception of the film upon it's initial release.

Mary Woronov Interview (04:58 SD) - Lloyd Kaufman interviews Woronov in this featurette that was filmed for the original 2004 DVD release.

 Original Theatrical Trailer (01:44 HD) 

 Alternative Trailer (02:53 SD)

I love the work Vinegar Syndrome is doing with these older malnourished Troma titles and I really wish this company would handle all of Troma's high definition releases. They do a marvelous job in restoring these underappreciated films breathing new life into each title. Fans of Lowry and sexploitation flicks will have quite the time with Sugar Cookies, it does not let down.