The Chambermaids (1974) and Honey Buns (1973); A smut two-fer from Impulse Pictures!

The Chambermaids
Production Year: 1974
Release Date: 05/06/2013
Studio: Impulse Pictures

Oh 70's porn...You've been greatly missed.  A time of extreme close ups and ridiculous story-telling.  Let's not forget the all important "undercarriage shot."  Yeah, those still haunt me.  In May Impulse Pictures released two long forgotten 70's gems.  The Chambermaids features a pretty simplistic story.  Mary and Sally are two bored maids who liven their jobs up with a bit of intercourse.  It's an age-old tale, right?

A few business men get in the mix and things begin to get pretty dirty.  If you're familiar with this era of smut than you pretty much know what to expect, oscar caliber acting, precise direction, quick and swift editing, okay who am I kidding?  These films were usually handled by fly-by-night directors and producers with scripts written on napkins.  The story is just an excuse to film a lot of sex which is followed by dialogue that happens to be just another excuse for more sex.

Some directors of the period took things a little more seriously, but with 1974's The Chambermaids that really isn't the case.  That isn't to say the film isn't enjoyable, fans of 70's smut will be incredibly delighted to own this rarely scene film in this kind of shape.

Honey Buns
Production Year: 1973
Release Date: 05/06/2013
Studio: Impulse Pictures

Harry (Matt Hewitt) is an insecure loser working at a femine hygiene company who happens upon a magician (Harvey "best porn-name EVER" Whippsnake) on one fateful day.  The magician gives the man a pill that will make a number of lustful woman appear whenever Harry wants.  Sounds good eh?  Unfortunately for Harry the women disappear as soon as his knickers hit the floor.  Harry must find  the key (his confidence) to keep the woman around long enough so he can finally seal the deal.

Very similar to The Chambermaids, Honey Buns is full of questionable acting, however I did find it more entertaining as Honey Buns is probably the better put together of the two, it also has a better print (more on that later).  The story is one we've all heard before, but amidst a lot of the current social unrest going around the web currently, the idea of male empowerment in porn is kind of a funny one.

Matt Hewitt plays the perfect loser, and in typical 70's fashion this schlubby lookin' guy hooks up with plenty of attractive women.  Did I mention more behind the ass-undercarriage shots?   Man that must have been the go-to insert shot back then.

Both films have age damage with The Chambermaids taking the brunt of it.  Impulse Pictures, remastered the last surviving print and did their best to clean things up but the film still retains a large amount of scratches and specs.  The audio also has similar issues with a definite hiss throughout the film.  All things considered the studio did what they could with this print and it's likely the best the film will ever look on home video.

With Honey Buns the studio managed to find a much better print, while the film still has instances of age damage it's no where near as severe.

Nada.  The only options on both discs are for playing the film and viewing the scene selections.

Whether you dig retro smut or you shun it, I think we can all agree that it's nice to see a Studio go out of their way carefully preserve a film.  The Chambermaids had one lone print left, had the company waited any longer to track it down who knows what would have been left of it.  Porn fans of that particular era are extremely lucky to have a company like Impulse Pictures on their side releasing remastered DVD's of said films.  For those particular fans these two 2014 releases are a must.  

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