Trick Or Treat Studios - Frankenfink mask

Trick or Treat Studios is rapidly becoming one of the top mask-making companies in the US licensing a number of properties from Halloween to The Walking Dead.  Their sculptors are some of the best in the world and they have an extremely eclectic line up from in-house originals to comic characters.  Inspired by the artwork of Ed Roth, Frankenfink is a mishmash of hotrod psychobilly and Frankenstein's Monster.

I was a little worried when he first arrived, how can such a large mask fit in such a tiny box?  Sure enough he was a bit cramped within the cardboard, but as soon as I freed the mask the latex jutted out and for a moment it seemed almost as if the mask had a life of it's own.

Every inch of the mask is detailed and weathered, the paintwork around the mouth has a nice thick layer of gloss adding even more "life" to this creature's design.

Every good mask has a tag, this one in particular I had a hard time cutting off. 

There's also that distinct latex odor, I'm sure something only mask collectors and Halloween enthusiasts care for.  They need to bottle that smell and sell it, there's just something about that stench that's so perfectly nostalgic.

This was my first mask from the company and it certainly won't be my last.  I was a bit worried that the finished product might not look as good as the stock photo and I was (happily) proven wrong.  The sculpt is a perfect mix of creepy horror and comic-insanity (maybe with a dash of Freaked thrown in.)  The person who painted this ain't slouchin' either, there's a lot of great detail and very little slop.  I'm extremely ecstatic about this mask and I can't wait to pick up more.  Did I mention they're extremely affordable?  Yeah.  Check out Trick or Treat studios now!

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