Wolf Creek II

Production Year: 2013
Release Date: 06/24/2014
Studio: Image Entertainment

In 2005 a little indie film titled Wolf Creek made a nice splash in the horror community.  The bleak film was set in the outback and followed the exploits of a serial killer named Mick Taylor (Portrayed by actor John Jarratt; based on the killer Bradley John Murdoch).  Now, nearly a decade later, Wolf Creek II has arrived thanks to the nice folks over at Image Entertainment.  So how does it stack up to the original film?  It certainly has a different tone, while it has been a while since I've seen the 2005 film I don't recall it being quite this funny.

Mick Taylor is back in this super-charged blood soaked sequel.  Not a lot has changed over the last decade, he's still picking off backpackers one by one.  Most of them don't put up much of a fight, easy prey.  However with one weary traveler (Paul; Ryan Corr) the pig hunter-turned serial might just have met his match.

Gone from this film is the unsettling suspense from the first film.  A lot of this was due to the remote location, the isolation of the victims.  This film starts off as a by-the-numbers type killfest, with Taylor slaughtering person after person all the while spewing hilarious outback-banter.  The film does shift gears a bit by concentrating on Paul, though the graphic/comedic tone sticks around which might throw off fans of the original film.  This film is very Mick Taylor-centric.  John Jarratt dives head first into his role which is great, but might leave a number of viewers wondering who to root for.

Deleted Scenes (23:54) - Nine deleted scenes separated by chapter stops are on the disc for your viewing pleasure.  It's mostly just characterization with the first set of backpackers.  It doesn't add too much to the film, but it's always nice to have the option to see the fat that gets cut from the film.

Creating A Monster: The Making of Wolf Creek II (52:04) - A near hour long making of is the second featurette on the disc.  It covers the making of the film from the original concepts and early pre-production to the actual filming of the flick.

While it is enjoyable is it better than the original?  In my opinion no, however I can't think of any better way to spend 90 minutes than watching Jarratt maim things and spout off hilarious dialogue.  There's also a pretty nice car chase scene for fans of vehicular violence (I know you're out there!.)  All in all I'd say it's well worth a horror fan's time, and the film is definitely one of the better sequels we've been treated to as of late.


  1. How did u enjoy the slow burn trash first movie over this