July's HORROR Block!

My second Horror Block has been delivered!  I was surprised by it's arrival as it seems like I just got through talking about June's box.  I guess it's hard to believe it's already the last day of July.  Just one more month of swelterin' heat and asses stickin' to seats.  Before ya' know if we'll be covering August's Horror Block and slipping into Halloween mode.

Funko is giving their POP! Vinyl line a classic HORROR twist!

 Cannibal Reviews is a big supporter of Funko!  They've taken on zombies, masked psychopaths, and Ghostbusters.  This September the company will be tackling the Universal Monsters!
It's a perfect night for mystery and horror!
The air itself is filled with...monsters! Funko is bringing the legendary Universal Monsters to life in a new Pop! series! Dracula, Frankenstein, The Bride of Frankenstein, The Wolf Man, The Mummy, Creature From the Black Lagoon, and Metaluna Mutant are all creepy cute!


Production Year: 1983
Release Date: 07/29/2014
Director: Richard Ciupka

Studio: Synapse Films

Canada has a rich history of horror films from classics like Black Christmas (Bob Clark; 1974) to more modern films like Ginger Snaps (John Fawcett; 2000). Within the mix there are a number of seldom seen gems that have not been given their due, thankfully however, we have companies like Synapse Films; a studio more than willing to resurrect underappreciated films giving them a second life in today's home video market.   Curtains was an early entry in the slasher craze that befell the 80's. Is it the most competent of the slasher films during that period?  No.  But the film remains pretty enjoyable and after my initial viewing it's easy to understand why it has built up a modest fan base over the years.

Neca - Retro Jason (Friday the 13th: A New Beginning)

Fans have long clamored for a figure based upon Jason's look in the fifth Friday the 13th film, one of the more underappreciated films in the Friday franchise. It's easy to write off the fifth installment, after all Jason wasn't really the killer, was he?  But after all of these years the 1985 film has amassed quite the die hard fanbase, a group that wants their Jason in figure-form. I'm happy to report that the day has finally arrived. Hide the candy bars and lock up the gardening tools; Roy is here.

Mondo - Halloween OST

Say what you will about 1978's seminal horror film but one thing is for certain, when you hear the opening keys on Halloween Theme you instantly know the film, you know the director/composer, and you know the characters. There are not many scores that can elicit that kind of a reaction. The main theme has really taken on a life of it's own, a go-to track at most Halloween parties, stores, and functions. Good luck finding a haunted attraction in America that doesn't have it on repeat in some small dilapidated room haunted by a guy sporting an old Don Post Myers mask.

Neca - Godzilla (2014)

With Jurassic World, Pacific Rim 2, and an inevitable sequel to 2014's US Godzilla planned, it's clear that we are in the midst of a resurgence of the monster movie.  I don't know about you guys, but this makes me extremely happy.

I've already covered a few of the other Godzilla releases that were put out this year (DST and Jakks), so far everything I've gotten has been pretty awesome, the vinyl bank is a fun piece, the giant-size Godzilla is, well...Huge, and Neca's latest release has loads of articulation and great sculpt/paint going for it.

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre - 4K remastered screening 07/18/2014

Saturday evening I was lucky enough to catch a screening of the 1974 cult epic The Texas Chain Saw Massacre , this wasn't just any normal screening though, this particular screening featured Dark Sky's new 4k remastered print of the film.

It's not too often screenings like this happen in Oklahoma and while I had never been to Tulsa's Circle Cinema theater, I didn't hesitate at the chance to see one of my favorite films on the big screen. The 120-something mile drive went by rather quickly and I even had a chance to stop by Gardner's Used Books (one of the biggest bookstores in the state!) I made it to Circle Cinema with enough time to secure a good seat in the middle of the auditorium.  Right of the bat I was impressed with the quality of the theater. When you see theater the first thing you'll notice is the throwback look of the building. This wasn't done for aesthetics, this theater was actually constructed back in the 1920's! I'm sure modifications and restorations have taken place over the years, but that "old time" feel remains. This particular showing was in theater one, the seats were comfortable, the screen was big, and the sound was more than adequate. Did I mention they regularly show horror and exploitation flicks? Why couldn't this theater be closer!?

Scorpion Releasing partners with Kino to get genre fans a slew of new titles!

A few months back Scorpion Releasing announced that Kino would be handling the distribution of a number future titles, the first eight releases have been officially announced!

NEW YORK, NY - JULY 16, 2014 - Kino Lorber and Scorpion Releasing are pleased to announce the inaugural releases of eight films under the companies' new multi-year distribution deal. Over the next year and after, there will be additional releases by Kino Lorber from the Scorpion library, including new acquisitions that will be available for the first time.

Among the first selection of titles to be released in August are Green Ice, starring Ryan O'Neal and Omar Sharif; Grizzly, starring Christopher George (both streeting on DVDAugust 5th with individual SRPs of $19.95); A Summer Story, starring Susannah York (streeting August 12th with a SRP of $24.95), the award-winning Australian dramaCareful He Might Hear You (streeting on August 12th, with a SRP of $19.95), Jack Hill's Sorceress, produced by Roger Corman (streeting on August 19th on Blu-ray [SRP: $29.95]) and DVD [SRP: $24.95]); The Girl in a Swing, starring Meg Tilly (streeting on DVD on August 19th with a SRP of $19.95); the acclaimed drama Friendly Fire, starring Carol Burnett, and the 1982 TV movie version of The Elephant Man (both streeting on DVD on August 26th with individual SRPs of $24.95).
GREEN ICE (1981)
Director: ERNEST DAY

In the Andes mountains a group of archaeologists are murdered after they discover uncut emeralds. Back in New York, Joseph Wiley (Ryan O'Neal, Love Story) is down on his luck and runs off to Mexico where he meets Lilian Holbrook (Anne Archer, Fatal Attraction). The two are instantly attracted to each other, but Lilian is on her way to meet Meno Argenti (Omar Sharif, Doctor Zhivago), the man who intends to marry her. Wiley is mistakenly drawn into perilous adventure when a mysterious caller tells him to look at the samples - stolen emeralds. Lilian's sister is killed and, suspecting Argenti, Wiley and Lilian, in a bid to avenge her murder, plan a daring raid on Argenti's vault of emeralds - green ice. Also starring John Larroquette (TV'sNight Court).

Flatt World - Dracula

It was a fun time to be a collector in the 90's, companies like McFarlane Toys were finally giving modern horror characters like Leatherface and Freddy plastic incarnations, while Sideshow Toys gave new life to the prestigious Universal Monsters characters.  While those two companies found success in the toy aisle releasing series after series, there were a handful of smaller companies that gave the horror-toy business a shot only to disappear shortly thereafter.  Enter Flatt World Figures, a company that released a rather cool Dracula figure in 1998 before fading into obscurity.  What happened to the company?  Your guess is as good as mine, as far as I know this particular figure was their only true release.  That being said, if you've got more information on the company feel free to drop me a line.

Win a 'The Purge: Anarchy' PRIZE PACK!

The Purge: Anarchy decimates theaters this Friday!  To celebrate one lucky reader can win a prize pack consisting of a large t-shirt and a flashlight.

So how do ya' win?  Easy, simply check out these five interactive GIF images (you can move your mouse across them to control the scene!) then leave a comment down below letting me know what you would do during the purge. The contest ends on the 21st so get to commentin!'

Cannibal Holocaust

Production Year: 1980
Release Date: 07/08/2014
Studio: Grindhouse Releasing

What can one say about the 'the mother of all cannibal flicks' that hasn't already been said countless times.  The 1980 film carries a malicious reputation and with good reason; It's as powerful as it is offensive and horrific. It's easy to get hung up on the animal cruelty displayed, this is something I won't defend or negate, I will say this though, If Cannibal Holocaust wasn't a well made and potent film the controversy surrounding it would have died out long ago. There are a number of cruel films out there, some much more graphic in their execution, however most of them are forgettable due to the quality and ineffectiveness of the film. Cannibal Holocaust is a movie that has rightfully earned it's reputation as a dangerous movie thanks to the competency of Deodato's direction, Sergio D'Offizi's cinematography, and a number of strong performances by a few first-time actors.

One Way Static Records - Cannibal Ferox

With so many films getting the deluxe blu-ray and DVD treatment it was only a matter of time before audiophiles banded together and started giving said film's soundtracks a similar treatment.  Sure enough, carnivorous genre fans rapidly jumped on board causing numerous releases to sell-out within hours.   Fast forward to 2014 and companies like Death Waltz and One Way Static are flourishing, paving a path for new labels like Lunaris Records, a company that's already announced upcoming records for Night of the Demons, Street Trash, and Witchboard.

I think it's safe to assume this is a trend that will be around for a while and I'm thankful for this.  Horror and exploitation flicks have always had some of the best scores around, and can you name a better format to give these notorious films their audio incarnations?  

Which brings me to today's subject; One Way Static Records' latest release, Cannibal Ferox.  

The Vanquished (I Vinti)

Production Year: 1953
Release Date: 07/08/2014
Director: Michelangelo Antonioni
Studio: Raro Video

Raro has always had a nice eclectic lineup of colorful films, each releases (sometimes substantially) differing from the last. July's release of The Vanquished is no different, an early effort by italian director Michelangelo Antonioni, the film is an anthology of sorts following around a handful of characters that eventually commit murder.

The film is split up into three segments each taking place in a different country. The first is set in France and follows a group of middle class twenty-somethings who plan to and then succeed in killing a fellow friend. The second installment is the Italian segment and revolves around a small time crook who inadvertently commits homicide during a crime. The third and final short takes place in England and centers around a grisly discovery. While I've only seen a handful of Antonioni's offerings, it seems a central theme is present in a number of his films; How murder and corruption are becoming commonplace in a modern society.

Mezco Toyz - Cinema of Fear - 12 inch Leatherface

I can still remember the first time I watched 1974's The Texas Chain Saw Massacre and the instant impact it had on my pre-teen brain.  Going off the guise of "it's a true story," a theory further reinforced by my friend's parents, I in turn was completely afraid to walk home that night.  Did I mention home was only a few apartments away?  I soon learned of Ed Gein and the film's inevitable sequels, I quickly garnered an appreciation of the flick and the sheer insanity it managed to capture in 88 short minutes.  But where were the toys?  I've always been a nerd and if I loved a film I wanted small plastic incarnations of the characters.  Sadly this was still a few years before McFarlane unleashed his Movie Maniacs so I was left up to my own devices.  Suffice it to say the toy I made that day was shoddy mish-mash of various Spawn action figures mixed with some acrylic paint, no where near the quality of what would soon come.

Now I own Leatherface in just about every scale imaginable, I think it's easy to take for granted just how spoiled genre fans are these days.  With companies like Neca and Arrow Video coupled with the vastness that is the world wide web everything a fan could ever imagine is literally just a few mouse clicks away.  Which brings us to this, Mezco's 12 inch Leatherface.


Production Year: 2011
Release Date: 07/07/2014
Studio: Second Sight

Earlier this year Mike Flanagan's Oculus made a pretty decent splash in the independent film world. While I didn't get a chance to catch the film in theaters (something I'm planning on rectifying when it hits home video) I was more than happy to take a look at one of his earlier film's when I got the opportunity. In most common law jurisdictions a missing person can be declared dead in absentia (or "legally dead") after seven years.

Morbid Enterprises - 6 FT Captain Spaulding

It's hard to believe July is already upon us meaning in less than four meager weeks Spirit will set up shop, Michaels will pull out the ol' Spooky Town display, and Cannibal Reviews will go into full-on Halloween mode.