Flatt World - Dracula

It was a fun time to be a collector in the 90's, companies like McFarlane Toys were finally giving modern horror characters like Leatherface and Freddy plastic incarnations, while Sideshow Toys gave new life to the prestigious Universal Monsters characters.  While those two companies found success in the toy aisle releasing series after series, there were a handful of smaller companies that gave the horror-toy business a shot only to disappear shortly thereafter.  Enter Flatt World Figures, a company that released a rather cool Dracula figure in 1998 before fading into obscurity.  What happened to the company?  Your guess is as good as mine, as far as I know this particular figure was their only true release.  That being said, if you've got more information on the company feel free to drop me a line.

One thing's certainly for sure, Flatt World certainly didn't skimp on the packaging.  I can't think of a finer example of collector friendly packaging, the artwork is stunning and the figure is in full view.  Already I'm wishing they had handled more Universal Monster figures.

The Dracula figure is clearly inspired by the mego figures of the past (albeit with way more detail).  The articulated eight inch frame is covered by screen accurate clothing.  The clothing of the figure doesn't have a cheap look or feel to it which is nice, occasionally when you're dealing with figures of that scale the "real" clothing can be a deal killer.  Thankfully for Drac fans this is not the case here.   

Even minor details are accounted for, the Count's ring for instance.  The sculpt is great which is wonderful considering the Dracula figures bearing Lugosi's likeness are few and far between.  My only real issue with the likeness is that it looks too young, Bela was almost in his forties when he portrayed Dracula in the Universal film of the same name.  A few wrinkles and lines would have added to an already great sculpt.

Another high point on the figure is the paint, there are a lot of sharp details in the face and you'd be hard pressed to find any instance of slop or bleeding. 

This is where Flatt World really knocks it out of the park.  Did they stop at a nice sculpt, accurate clothing, awesome packaging, and a nice little pamphlet about Lugosi?  No, the company decided that all of that wasn't enough and decided to toss in a candle, bat, and wait for it...A coffin.  I know it seems like a given, but I can count the Dracula figures that include a coffin on one hand.  It's an overlooked accessory, and out of all of them that include one, this has to be one of the nicest that's available.  The paint on the thing is immaculate right down to the dirt and bugs that line the inside of it.  On the outside there's a nice wash bringing out the "carved" look of the coffin, along with a small bronze emblem. 

Color me impressed.

It's clear a lot of thought and care went into this particular release and it's a pity it was Flatt World's first and last figure.  With such a grandiose collectible, I'm bettin' the company had big plans for other characters.  I would have loved to see them tackle The Wolf Man or The Creature from the Black Lagoon.  While it's sad things like that never came to fruition, I am thankful they left behind such a grand toy.  With it's classy packaging, top-notch sculpt, and an amazing assortment of accessories, this collectible is perfection in my book.  Best of all?  It's not that expensive!  So have at it collectors, if you passed this one up during the 90's I urge you to reconsider.


  1. That's a really freakin' nice Dracula figures. I would love to own that. I love the look of it, yet it's very detailed for being so retro. Thumbs up from me.

  2. You've probably already had people get in touch with you about this, but one of the people behind the toy was Michael from MWctoys.com -- I hope he relays the full story behind the company sometime soon!