Mezco Toyz - Cinema of Fear - 12 inch Leatherface

I can still remember the first time I watched 1974's The Texas Chain Saw Massacre and the instant impact it had on my pre-teen brain.  Going off the guise of "it's a true story," a theory further reinforced by my friend's parents, I in turn was completely afraid to walk home that night.  Did I mention home was only a few apartments away?  I soon learned of Ed Gein and the film's inevitable sequels, I quickly garnered an appreciation of the flick and the sheer insanity it managed to capture in 88 short minutes.  But where were the toys?  I've always been a nerd and if I loved a film I wanted small plastic incarnations of the characters.  Sadly this was still a few years before McFarlane unleashed his Movie Maniacs so I was left up to my own devices.  Suffice it to say the toy I made that day was shoddy mish-mash of various Spawn action figures mixed with some acrylic paint, no where near the quality of what would soon come.

Now I own Leatherface in just about every scale imaginable, I think it's easy to take for granted just how spoiled genre fans are these days.  With companies like Neca and Arrow Video coupled with the vastness that is the world wide web everything a fan could ever imagine is literally just a few mouse clicks away.  Which brings us to this, Mezco's 12 inch Leatherface.

While Neca tends to be superior in the sculpt and articulation department, I really miss Mezco's Cinema of Fear line.  They took a lot of chances, releasing secondary characters that most toy companies would deem unprofitable.  They also branched out giving fans not just 6 inch incarnations of their favorite characters, but plushes, deluxe stylized figures, and a collection of "screen grabs," which were essentially mini dioramas pulled from various horror films.  This particular 12 inch figure was not just one of the last they released in the series, but the last Leatherface figure that has (to my knowledge) been released since.  Leatherface looks great and was certainly one of their best sculpts to date.  The mask is extremely accurate right down to the metal bars holding open the mouth, a small detail a lot of past figures left out.  One thing I really dig about this sculpt are the crazed eyes which are a bit recessed, the only time they're really visible is when light hits the face.

The figure sports ten points of articulation most of which are above the waist, a pity as he could really use a few joints in the legs.  Aside from that minor gripe everything else is rock solid.  The paint application is great with a lot of blood spatter, sweat stains, and grime.  I also dig the included strings that hang off the back of the mask, an extremely nice touch.  Overall the figure looks amazing, Mezco did a great job in capturing the deranged look of the character and fans will have a fun time getting this one in the various killin' poses.

Leatherface includes his chainsaw, trusty mallet, and a cloth apron.  It's worth noting that Mezco released an exclusive version of this figure on their web store which included the pretty woman mask and a dinner jacket.

If I were to rank the '74 Leatherface figures that have been released this figure would certainly round out the top three.  In 2009 the COF line was coming to an end which was a really pity seeing as Mezco had just hit their stride with this line giving fans new characters with great sculpts.  I'd highly recommend this figure to fans of the franchise, your 'Chainsaw shelf is incomplete without 'em.

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