Mondo - Halloween OST

Say what you will about 1978's seminal horror film but one thing is for certain, when you hear the opening keys on Halloween Theme you instantly know the film, you know the director/composer, and you know the characters. There are not many scores that can elicit that kind of a reaction. The main theme has really taken on a life of it's own, a go-to track at most Halloween parties, stores, and functions. Good luck finding a haunted attraction in America that doesn't have it on repeat in some small dilapidated room haunted by a guy sporting an old Don Post Myers mask.

I guess it was only a matter of time before this famous soundtrack was swept up by the current wave of horror vinyl re-releases. This is my first Mondo LP and I can definitely attest to the quality. The two-record set is housed in a nice thick gatefold sleeve. The newly commissioned artwork was created by Phantom City Creative, an artist that is no stranger to Mondotees. At first glance the cover might look like a basic painting of the famous mask, though upon closer inspection you'll notice there's a bit more to it; the house subtly hidden in the darkness of the mask's mouth for instance.

When you open the gatefold you're greeted with another piece of original artwork, this time it's Michael carrying a hapless victim. On the back you'll find a tracklisting with one last piece of new art, the famous image of Myers standing behind a clothesline.

This two LP set is the most comprehensive collection of tracks that has ever been released on the format. The sound is rock solid and there's really only one detractor, something that's primarily preference based. Mixed in with the tracks are bits and pieces of dialogue pulled directly from the film. This has a lot of purists upset as they only wish to hear the original uninterrupted score; something I completely understand. I've found that there are also some people who dig the addition of dialogue from the film, personally I can go both ways. There are times where I'd just prefer the basic score, then there are other times where I don't mind the addition of the dialogue. It's too bad that fans couldn't have an option to purchase one or the other. Aside from that issue I'm fairly happy with my purchase. The soundtrack sounds excellent on this format and I'm more than happy with the new artwork. It's a great collector's item for fans of the film!


  1. As a vinyl collector/junkie, I think Mondo really nailed this one. Great packaging and vinyl color variants (to suck up even more of my money). I too, was surprised by the movie clips between tracks, but I'm okay with it. This one spins on my turntable frequently!! The accompanying silkscreened posters that were released are awesome, too. Thanks for the review!