Morbid Enterprises - 6 FT Captain Spaulding

It's hard to believe July is already upon us meaning in less than four meager weeks Spirit will set up shop, Michaels will pull out the ol' Spooky Town display, and Cannibal Reviews will go into full-on Halloween mode.

I guess you can consider this review a small precursor as far as what to expect in the coming months.  This particular animatronic prop was produced by Morbid Enterprises, one of the leading companies in the Halloween business.  If you've been to a Halloween store over the last few years than there's a good chance you've seen some of what this company has to offer.  They produce everything from animatronic props to smaller decorations.  This year in particular will be a big one for Morbid Enterprises, with dozens of new products and a new budget line of Cheap Creeps products there's literally going to be something for every macabre fan of the Halloween season.

The Captain looks great!  Sporting exaggerated features and a highly detailed sculpt, this guy is sure to creep out any Trick or Treater that makes their way to your porch.  The paint job on Spaulding is top notch and film accurate right down to the rotted teeth and finger tattoos.

The costume looks great and the addition of the attached cape means wind picks this prop up and gives it a nice ghastly appearance.

The animatronic element is perfect, they chose a great memorable line to go along with the flashing eyes and chomping jaws.  The movement of the mouth is perfectly in sync with the audio right down to the chicken cluckin.'

To sum it up this Captain Spaulding prop is a perfect addition to anyone's home haunt.  It looks like something you would actually find inside Spaulding's very own Murder Ride.  As mentioned a plethora of stores will likely have this guy fully stocked in the coming months, if you're out in the country there's always websites like amazon.

There are a number of ways to keep up-to-date with Morbid Enterprise's 2014 line up, click any of the links below to learn more!

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