Neca - Godzilla (2014)

With Jurassic World, Pacific Rim 2, and an inevitable sequel to 2014's US Godzilla planned, it's clear that we are in the midst of a resurgence of the monster movie.  I don't know about you guys, but this makes me extremely happy.

I've already covered a few of the other Godzilla releases that were put out this year (DST and Jakks), so far everything I've gotten has been pretty awesome, the vinyl bank is a fun piece, the giant-size Godzilla is, well...Huge, and Neca's latest release has loads of articulation and great sculpt/paint going for it.

The sculpt on this guy is fantastic!  I know some people weren't fans of the "stockier" look Godzilla had in the US re-imagining, I personally dig the design.  Neca's version might not have size on it's side, but when compared to Jakk's gigantic release it's a clear winner in the sculpt, paint, and articulation department.

'Zilla has an extremely screen accurate sculpt, Neca did a wonderful job capturing every bump, scale, and crevice. There's no set pattern to the scales on the creature's design so it's clear the person who sculpted this put a lot of work into the figure.  Given the dark paint scheme, I feel a lot of the detail might not have been captured with these pictures but take my word for it, the company went all out with this release.  Godzilla is dark green but does have a few different washes for added effect, a gloss is done over the mouth and claws to give things a nice shiny look.  The kaiju sports 20 points are articulation, enough to get a decent amount of poses out of the king of monsters.

From head to tail Godzilla is a little over 12 inches long and while I'm sure this size was chosen to help maintain a price point the figure just looks odd next to a few of Neca's other releases.  It's a pity as who wouldn't want a nice big Godzilla toy to display next to their Pacific Rim figures!?

While size might be a slight issue for some, I really like Neca's 2014 Godzilla. The sculpt and paint are top notch and the articulation takes everything up a few points. A definite "must buy" for fans of the nuclear creature! 


  1. I also have this guy. I had him ordered on a site, but my local Toys R Us had him in a full month ahead of the site I originally ordered from. I was the first one to buy one of the first inventory to come in. I was on it, ha ha. I didn't open mine, but I'm glad you posted these pictures. As you said, the sculpt is accurate and great. You can even see that by looking at it in the package. But your pics show off different angles. Makes me re-appreciate this figure. Great post.