Neca - Retro Jason (Friday the 13th: A New Beginning)

Fans have long clamored for a figure based upon Jason's look in the fifth Friday the 13th film, one of the more underappreciated films in the Friday franchise. It's easy to write off the fifth installment, after all Jason wasn't really the killer, was he?  But after all of these years the 1985 film has amassed quite the die hard fanbase, a group that wants their Jason in figure-form. I'm happy to report that the day has finally arrived. Hide the candy bars and lock up the gardening tools; Roy is here.

 Neca has given Freddy his due, with multiple lines they've truly covered every ANOES film. Jason on the other hand always seems to get the cold shoulder. When Neca finally bought back the Friday license some years ago fans thought things would change, unfortunately that wasn't the case. The toy company gave collectors two lines featuring with one "retro" clothed figure.  These five toys only covered two of the Friday the 13th films. Thankfully it seems a change is on the horizon, Neca's Retro series has been quite the seller. Featuring the same body among figures, the company only really has to manufacture the head and clothing. As this keeps tooling costs down it makes the possibility of seeing more of Jason's "looks" more likely.  I think it's safe to assume the future is bright over at Camp Crystal Lake.

We've been waiting a long time for this figure and I'm sure you're wondering if it was worth the wait. I'm here to report that Neca's imposter Jason is an excellent figure sporting multiple points of articulation, a decent selection of accessories, and best of all, Roy's mean mug hidden beneath the hockey mask.

Like the other Retro figures Neca's released, Roy has (number of articulation). He's able to adequately hold the garden shears, something I was nervous about. The paint on Jason is also a positive, a layer of dirt and grime has been applied to his coveralls while his hands are stained with blood. When the mask comes off you'll find Roy, while one can definitely see Dick Wieand's likeness, I think it's fair to say it is an exaggerated look.

Roy includes a set of articulated (!) garden shears, knife, small hatchet, and an alternate hand. For the price point (around $25 USD depending on the store) it's nice to see a variety of accessories included.

I know there are some fans who might not like the retro line's look and I can sympathise with that opinion, sometimes clothing on small figures can get bunched up and look a bit off. Thankfully with Neca's releases I've yet to really encounter that problem. The clothing is of a high quality and very accurate to Jason's look in A New Beginning. For the fan that has been yearning for an imposter Jason over the years you may rejoice; Neca's offering is a solid and accurate representation.  A great addition to your 1/9th gallery of slashers.

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