Production Year: 2012
Release Date: 08/26/14
Studio: Image Entertainment
Director: Peter Engert

In the not-so-distant future America is the victim to a nuclear holocaust when a number of bombs are dropped across the United States.  Personalities clash when nine Survivors must take shelter in an old grungy basement while they wait for the radiation levels to drop.  Thankfully for the group one of the survivors (Russ; CJ Thomason) happens to have a medical degree and an extremely strong will to survive. With his know how he is able to patch up the injured and together they begin to fortify the basement. Unfortunately for the group they have all sustained a substantial amount of radiation poisoning which rears it's ugly head through bruising, open sores, and fatigue. With depleting food supplies and lack of medicine things are looking grim for the group, but they're about to get much, much worse.

 Survivors exposed to too much radiation have turned into fallout-crazies and roam the streets lookin' for people to kill.  The bombs have also caused rioting and looting, small groups of bandits roam the countryside pillaging and killing.  As if rotting away in a basement wasn't enough, the survivors are now faced with other obstacles that could make living a pretty daunting task.  Eventually the group is going to do more than hunker down to truly survive this nuclear winter.

I really wanted to like Aftermath, and to be fair a big portion of it was enjoyable, however the film is not without it's faults.  The biggest hit this film takes is with some of the actors chosen.  Had a few of the roles been recast I feel this film could have been a lot better.  Hell, looking back maybe some of the characters should have been completely eliminated, the awkward man-child for example (Jonathan; Ross Britz) really added nothing to the story.  I kept wondering if the role was intended for someone much younger.  I will say that Peter Engert's direction was great and the editing (especially around the third act) was good.  Overall I was left a bit unimpressed, especially coming off of Revelation Trail which likely had a micro budget in comparison but was able to do so much more.

I've got zero complaints in this department.  Aftermath looks and sounds wonderful, the picture is a bit desaturated giving it a cold and muted vibe, the blacks are extremely deep and all of the exterior shots look pretty vibrant.  The sound is also great with a nice and even DTS-HD track, the dialogue is always crisp and clear and the bass levels are perfect.    

Zero, zip, zilch, nada.  Nothin' to see hear, folks.  The Aftermath blu-ray is completely lacking in the special features department.

The event of a Nuclear Holocaust has been the subject of dozens of films, this threat has made way to some amazing movies.  Aftermath might fall a bit short, but it still manages to be a competent thriller with a few nice twists and turns.