Anchor Bay - The Walking Dead Season Four Limited Edition

Anchor Bay and McFarlane Toys have done it again!  With their third team up for the hit series The Walking Dead the two companies have came together to give fans an extremely detailed statue that they can proudly display on their shelves.

Like the past two releases this particular collectible does feature a gimmick, when you place the blu-ray digipack in the holder the zombie's head turns and it's arm moves up and down.  It's a pretty nifty little action feature and thankfully doesn't take much away from the sculpt.

While it's cast in plastic the collectible has a bit of weight to it so it never comes off as feeling cheap or flimsy.  The paint job is impeccable and there's an insane amount of detail on not just the walker, but the forest themed base. 

This is yet another win for the two companies, something I imagine any hardcore fan of The Walking Dead will have on their wishlist.  Still not convinced!?  How about more pictures?