Blood Glacier

Production Year: 2013
Release Date: 08/26/2014
Studio: IFC
Director: Marvin Kren

Janek (Gerhard Liebmann) is a lonely alcoholic in the best place to be a lonely alcoholic, the Australian Alps AKA the middle of nowhere.  Along with three other researchers, Janek is studying the effects global warming is having on the local glaciers.  The group has various stations set up around the area to transmit data, when station three becomes unresponsive it's up to Janek to fix the issue.  At the broken down station Janek finds more than an unresponsive system, the nearby glacier is covered in a thick blood red ooze.

The liquid turns out to be biological and has some serious affects on anything it comes into contact with.  The goop has the potential to alter the genetics of animals creating entirely new species.  The contagion gets into the animal through food and combines the animal's DNA with whatever else is in the stomach creating some extremely strange creature-concoctions.  At first this discovery seems like a scientific miracle, a breakthrough that has the potential to make history...I'm sure you can imagine what happens next.  Sure enough nature rears it's ugly head, the scientists come face to face with some nasty hybrid animals.

At it's heart Blood Glacier is a pretty by-the-numbers people versus nature horror flick, Global Warming is having an adverse affect on the glacier unleashing a primordial goo that fights back.  The monsters progressively get bigger and badder as the film goes forward, the creatures (from what I can tell) are mostly
practical and look pretty wild.  As the red stuff changes the DNA we get a lot of strange beasties from monster goats to huge fox-insect hybrids.

The film is never "preachy" about the global warming aspect and uses it as a simple plot point to move the story along.  The acting is decent and the special effects are great.  I rather enjoyed the design of the creatures and I'm pleased they went the practical route as opposed to calling it in with CGI, something a lot of these independent monster movies are so quick to do.  A lot of people seem to be comparing this film to Carpenter's The Thing which is kind of unfair.  While I can understand the comparisons going into any creature film expecting The Thing is like going into the shoddiest bar in town and asking for the wine list, you're going to be let down.  While I get the comparisons, the best way to experience Blood Glacier is without any expectations, it has it's faults, but in a sea of similar low budget creature feature exploits this one definitely stands out.

Unfortunately the only "extra" included is a trailer.  Considering most of the FX is practical I really would have enjoyed a featurette exploring some of the creature effects and animatronics utilized.

Trailer (01:24)

When you see the cover and read the title your first reaction will probably be lumping this in with the typical sci-fi channel B movie fare.  It's a pity and I really wish they would have stuck with the working title of The Station.  The creature designs are interesting, the effects are practical, and the story is original.  This is definitely one I recommend checkin' out.