Death Waltz - City of the Living Dead LE

Lucio Fulci's collaborations with Fabio Frizzi produced such memorable scores. With 1980's City of the Living Dead Fulci pulled out all of the stops helming (in my mind) his masterpiece. There's a thick sense of dread throughout the film, something that's accentuated with Frizzi's haunting score.

I've covered numerous vinyl reissues this year and I can say with a clear conscience that this is the best record I've purchased to date. When Death Waltz Recording Company finally announced a release date for this extremely limited (only 350 units!) gatefold LE I knew I had to have it.  After months of anticipation the day had arrived, per usual your faithful reviewer forgot to set an alarm and almost missed out.  While the US outlet sold out, Death Waltz had a few copies left. I had to pay a little extra as this was being imported, but at that point I didn't care.  I had secured my copy moments before the website completely sold out.

Saying I'm happy with my purchase is a bit of an understatement.  Death Waltz has handled this release with such macabre grace. For the artwork the company enlisted the help of renowned horror artist Graham Humphreys.  His gruesome(ly beautiful) painting is printed on a thick textured gatefold jacket.   Inside the jacket there are a handful of pages with liner notes written by Lombardo Giovanni Radice (actor; Bob in COTLD), Stephen Thrower (Author; Nightmare, USA), and artist Graham Humphreys.  The liner notes are both humorous and greatly informative, a very enjoyable read.

The packaging is clearly a solid  "ten," but the most important aspect of this set is the physical record, how does the sound stack up?  Thankfully I'm hear to report that Death Waltz did a bang up job with the mastering of this release. All eighteen tracks sound perfect on my system, the last track is a bonus live track that Frizzi recently performed.  It's titled City Of The Living Dead live suite and is sure to be a real treat for fans of the score.

If you missed out on this particular LE I'd still urge fans to go after the not-so-limited release which is still readily available. Death Waltz is a company that does not let down and I'm completely ecstatic to hear that they're also planning on giving The Beyond and Zombi 2 a similar reissued treatment.


  1. This one is near the top of my want list. That cover art is beautiful!!!!